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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Fifth Column: The AP Is Bewitched

The Fifth Column: The AP Is Bewitched
Leave it to historians to call sacraments "magic". I find many things academic historians teach to be intrinsically anti-Catholic. When Estase was an undergraduate, he used the book Charles II: The Last Rally by Hilaire Belloc to prepare for a debate on the Restoration. My professor, Caroline Hibbard told my not to consult Belloc, sniffing that he was "a victorian." Hibbard found fault with much of what I argued, despite the fact that it was entirely consistent with what Eamon Duffy argued a few years later in The Stripping of the Altars, and with documents in the collection The Stuart Constitution. Anti-Catholic historians? Next you'll tell me journalists like Obama.

Obama's Catholic-Bashing Speechwriter

Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett spoke to a crowd recently, joking that the TSA groping was designed to give defrocked Catholic priests a job opportunity.  Well, which is it?  Either the TSA searches are a proper law enforcement move, or they are akin to sexual abuse.  And why is the same regime that continually tells us that Muslims cannot be offended so quick to make a defamatory joke about Catholic priests?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Once Upon a Time in the West - Exposing the Twenty-First-Century Communist Conspiracy

Once Upon a Time in the West - Exposing the Twenty-First-Century Communist Conspiracy
Golitsyn has a point-- if the Cold War is over, why would the Russians be making nice with Cuba and Nicaragua? If communism really were dead and buried, why would relations with Cuba matter?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thomas and TEA

Is Catholicism incompatible with the TEA party ethic?  Many prominant churchmen and the usual CST drones say no. Frederick Copleston's A History of Philosophy,Volume Two says of Aquinas,

"If this principle, that the part is ordered to the whole, which represents St.Thomas's Aristotelianism, were pressed, it would seem that he subordinates the individual to the State to a remarkable degree;  but St. Thomas also insists that he who seeks the common good of the multitude seeks his own good as well, since one's own good cannot be attained unless the common good is attained, though it is true that in the corpus of the article in question he remarks that right reason judges that the common good is better than the good of the individual.  But the principle should not be overemphasized, since St. Thomas was a Christian theologian as well as an admirer of Aristotle, and he was well aware, as we have already seen, that man's final end is outside the sphere of the State:  man is not simply a member of the State, indeed the most important thing about him is his supernatural vocation.  There can, then, be no question of 'totalitarianism' in St. Thomas, though it is obvious that his Aristotelianism would make it imposssible for him to accept such a theory of the State as that of Herbert Spencer:  the State has a positive function and a moral function.  The human being is a person, with a value of his own;  he is not simply an 'individual'."

The first remark I would make is that Aristotelianism cuts both ways.  Maybe Aristotle wasn't Ayn Rand or Herbert Spencer, but he was certainly no collectivist either.  Read the Politics, and you will see somebody who thought that spending money on others was praiseworthy, but always saw private giving as a sign of moral worth, and certainly never would have endorsed a monolithic government of spoils and largesse.

The second remark I would make is that St. Thomas also would never have approved of tolerance for Protestant sects, much less the easy access to pornography that distinguishes modern America.  In other words, Thomas's dream of a government that helps us to Heaven is rather inconsistent with the American system.  If government is supposed to get us to heaven, how do public schools and housing projects do that, other than by seperating our bodies from our souls? 

The Fifth Column: Moral Pygmies

The Fifth Column: Moral Pygmies
Kellmeyer is right, once again. Contraception is always morally wrong because God is always the author of life, not us. The church is pandering to modern notions about sex only being procreative when man wishes for it to be procreative. It is crazy to expect Catholics to regard contraception as intrinsically immoral so long as professional theologians keep inventing exceptions to the immorality. It is the logic of the secular world that says that, well, you can commit sins, but prudence dictates that you make it safe for yourself to commit such sins. Isn't that the same logic as "safe, legal, and rare" abortion? If anything is safe to do, it isn't likely to be rare. What the Pope might have said is this: "Using condoms to prevent AIDS may be a good idea, but it is still a sin for the same reason that wearing a mask during the commission of a robbery doesn't change the nature of a robbery. And while wearing a mask isn't in itself immoral, contraception in and of itself is immoral."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Sinai's Height, Part Two

Catholic Nurse Catherine Cenzon De Carlo, whose horrendous account of being forced by her employer Mount Sinai Hospital to perform an abortion appeared in Q.E.D.'s sister blog Aristotelian Moments last December, had her lawsuit against her employer thrown out by a judge.  Apparently, the judge thinks that, although any other form of emotional trauma can make one extremely wealthy, being forced to commit murder by your employer against your will is something your employer bears no liability for.  Maybe DeCarlo should have just taken the wrong acne medication--that is far more serious than being forced to betray your faith.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Limits of "Fiscal Conservatism"

There is quite a debate going on in conservative circles right now over whether or not pro-lifers should stuff their principles right now.  The argument is that economic issues are more important.  Social issues are "divisive."  We need a "big tent." Where was all this talk about a big tent during the years when economic conservatives got free trade, and pro-lifers got nothing?  Where was the big tent when Bush cut taxes, and succeeded in doing nothing outside of appointing two pro-life supreme court justices?  I really love it when we social conservatives are fine when it comes to unseating Bela Pelosi, but now that we won, we get to sit back and let the Ayn Rand club rule the roost.  Really?  Don't think so.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Representative Driehaus Contra Free Speech

Ohio Representative Steve Driehaus wants to jail Mrs. Dannenfelser, head of the Susan B. Anthony Fund, for stating that ObamaCare includes abortion. 

Common Sense Catholicism: Dr. Smith Issues a Response to Dr. Von Hildebrand

Common Sense Catholicism: Dr. Smith Issues a Response to Dr. Von Hildebrand
Another response to the West cult.

The Fifth Column: Tom Lehrer's TOB

The Fifth Column: Tom Lehrer's TOB
Excellent article about "Theology of the Bawdy."

Caroline Glick :: Latma brings you...Pallywood!

Caroline Glick :: Latma brings you...Pallywood!
I really think Drek O'Hara represents the anti-semetic tone of many Irish people.

What is This?

This site describes an Islamic prayer meeting in Washington. The President announced that he would not attend the National Prayer Breakfast this year, also stating that America is not a Christian nation. Allegedly, the event involving Islam is supported by the White House. Estase does not know if this is true.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Are People Scared?

The President claims that the Democrats are behind because people are scared, ignoring totally his role in scaring them with:

*a one trillion dollar stimulus
*a byzantine health care bill
*an aimless war in Afghanistan
*no remedy for the imbalance in Social Security payments versus revenue.

In addition, we have Obama ally Representative Phil Hare calling the debt a myth!
Why wouldn't people be scared?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

St. Blogustine: Those Crazy Anti-Lifers. May God Convert Them All!

St. Blogustine: Those Crazy Anti-Lifers. May God Convert Them All!

Why the Double Standard?

For several weeks, liberal talking heads have told us how backward the minister in Florida was for proposing to burn a Koran on September 11th. Oh how illiberal, hateful, un-American! This would never do!

Last week it came to light that the State of Colorado paid for an exhibition full of anti-Catholic propaganda, including a depiction of the Savior performing a sex act. Did the same people who told us we had to embrace Islam (a faith that sees no obligation to return the favor) have any objection to insulting Catholicism? No. Why is that?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Earth to Phil Hare, Come In Phil Hare

Phil Hare is now claiming that the United States isn't in debt, and can spend at will.

Total liabilities of the U.S. Government are 53 TRILLION!

Much of this is owed to COMMUNIST CHINA!

I cannot believe this clown is my congressman.

Dropping the Ball

Dropping the ball in religion--
Catholic liberals who get freaked out by making scriptural references in Mass prayers that no one questioned before 1962.
Dropping the ball in politics--
Illinois Republicans who made a lying pro-abort their Senate candidate.

Good job on both!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crass Money Grubbers? Or Sincere Voices?

Dawn Eden, who bravely questions the pseudo-Catholic ramblings of Christopher West, has found herself accused of being a crass money-grubber by Dr. Janet Smith.

Coincidentally, Riehl World View is now accusing Glenn Beck of the same thing, comparing Mr. Beck to a feminine televangelist. Touche!

Remember reader, no one has any legitimate opinions about anything. It is all just a ploy to make money.

Unless you are Christopher West or Dan Riehl.

Such can be described either as cynicism or as psychological projection of one's own faults onto others.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reliapundit Is Full of Sh**

Astute Bloggers' Instapundit blames European irreligion on celebate Catholic Priests. Baloney! England is a very irreligious country and it has had married clergy for 500 years. If Instapundit were right, England should be the holiest country on Earth. It isn't.

Was reading Jacques Maritain's Moral Philosophy, where it talks about the Hegelian concept that the collective is the source of freedom, meaning, and values. It reminded me a lot of the character we have in the White House right now. Maritain writes,

"As a crowning piece of political hypocrisy, this mythology guaranteed by the dialectic gives complete security to the sovereign power of the State, which, far from exercising restraint upon me, is my freedom, and consequently has a right not only to my obedience, but also to my enthusiasm and to a warm glow in my heart."

This pretty much sums up the Oh Blah Blah philosophy of life. And add this little gem about Hegelian political morality.

"History is the judgment of God. The history of the world is the tribunal which judges the world, Weltgeschichte ist Weltgericht. To cooperate in the victory of the community, which in virtue of its historical success will be absolved at this tribunal, that is the only requirement that the higher ethics makes of the individual, the ethics which has to do with the destiny of peoples. It was when the one-party systems, the organized prophetic Minorities of the totalitarian type appeared, that this implication of the Hegelian Sittlichkeit became fully manifest, an implication more secret but even more deeply rooted than that which has to do with the State. At the same time it became clear that this same Sittlichkeit had opened the doors of the modern world to what can best be called absolute Machiavellianism."

Good Morning! The old God is dead, please face your Post Office and bow for morning prayers!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Unproven Assertions

Yet to be proven, but asserted as fact. . .

1)Republicans had something to do with the housing market crisis and recession

2)Tea Parties attract strange people

3)Human beings only exist after birth

The list could easily expand. These are just three I came up with that are typically treated as though they were facts by CERTAIN people. Such said people are mainly remarkable for holding the reins of power and writing the news stories in this country. I have a counter-list.

1)Government meddling had something to do with the housing market crisis and recession

2)The strangest thing about Tea Parties is the reaction of leftists

3)Human beings exist long before birth, perhaps even (shudder) from conception

My list isn't proven either, but so what?

The Fifth Column: Honor Killing in Islam

The Fifth Column: Honor Killing in Islam
Dhimmitude! Read all about it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Obama Isn't Muslim

Obama's speech to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus uses a verbatim quote from the Declaration of Independence-- minus the words "by their creator!" This is not accidental. Obama is a sixties-style european socialist, whose legal philosophy is positivist. There is no room for God in Oh Blah Blah's equation. This is why he calls middle Americans "bitter people who cling to God and guns." Why is anyone surprised by this? Oh Blah Blah has no attachment to any kind of religion, save Jeremiah Wright type "God damn America."

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just read a "conservative" blog that praised the loony-tunes economics of G.K. Chesterton. I am not one of those who call Chesterton a fascist or who compare him with Oswald Moseley. I am willing to forgive someone for misjudgments. I am not, however, eager to embrace his economics just because there were elements of his politics he was right about. By the same token, I am not willing to agree with everything his friend Belloc wrote either. The worst part about the article that the blog linked to was an unwarranted attack on the Acton Institute and the late Father Neuhaus as Calvinists. (See my prior blog "Fake Scottish People".)

Monday, August 16, 2010

I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy

I just found out that several books I have read are on the Index of Forbidden Books. Such works as those of Hobbes, and Descartes are on the list, as is Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke. On the last count, I see why one would think that was a danger to right thinking, as it proposed ethical hedonism and nominalism. I really do think that Concerning Human Understanding has some spooky parts in it.

Note on the Revolution

Three things appear to have precipitated the American Revolution.
The British entrusted the offices in the American colonies to the highest bidder, not to people who actually knew or cared what they were doing.
The mercantilistic system the British created put the Crown-aligned Companies in the driver's seat--a clear violation of the Parliamentary supremacy that 1689 was supposed to have enshrined.
The British hated spending money on the Colonies. They hated the War of Jenkins Ear that Pelham-Holles pushed for when Walpole was Prime Minister. Pelham-Holles later had a rude awakening as to why Walpole felt that way when he had the Seven Years/French and Indian War thrust upon him as Prime Minister. English business may have liked the money they made from the colonies, but they cost the government mightily in military expenditures.

Lisa Graas: Dedicated to the Kentucky Republican Party and @SarahPalinUSA

Lisa Graas: Dedicated to the Kentucky Republican Party and @SarahPalinUSA
I have pretty much the same opinion about the Illinois Republican Party and their candidate for Senate, Mark Kirk. The fact that Obama supports Alexi Ginnoulias is not sufficient to make me vote for a pro-abort, even where the pro-abort is Republican. When will you guys in the GOP get it? A pro-abortion Republican versus a pro-abortion Democrat is a waste of time. I feel like I would be rewarding the Illinois GOP for cowardice if I voted for Mark Kirk. I intend to write in Patrick Hughes, even if that means throwing away my vote.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bite Me, Liberal Catholics

I unsubscribed to a blog called The Western Confucian, because its purveyor thought something called The Catholic Fascist was a funny parody of conservative Catholics. The characters all had names bespeaking gun-toting and racism. The kind of Catholicism these characters preferred was, of course, pre-Vatican II Latin Mass. It isn't funny. Not even close. We conservatives are getting really tired of hymns like "Gather Us In" and "The Servant Song." We are sick of gimmick Masses, like Masses said on a hay bale instead of an altar. We are sick of being called intolerant for opposing leftist Bishops. And lastly, we are sick of snarky pseudo-Catholic trash calling us fascists. Yeah, I said trash. I am not a fascist, and if this is the Catholic Left's idea of humor I think there are going to be many more Greek Orthodox in fifty years.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Irish Anti-Semitism

I am always surprised at what lunatic leftists my cousins across the pond are. I came across a "pro-life" blog called "Thought and Action" that was turgid with anti-Israel, anti- Iraq war propaganda. Need I say again that the Islamic community was extremely friendly to Hitler, and that the fact that the modern left (even in Ireland!) is so friendly to the Islamic world is one of the most damning things about them.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In
See also, in contrast, the case of June Sheldon, a biology teacher in San Jose, California, who was fired for stating that there was no scientific consensus on the genetic nature of homosexual inclinations.

On a different topic, Campaign for Human Development funded the Marxist Chicago Worker's Collaborative,and the pro-abortion San Francisco Organizing Project. CHD funded six organizations associated with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California, a pro-abortion group that also promotes illegal immigrants. CHD funded thirty-one groups associated with the radical Center for Community Change which promotes legal abortion. A former head of CHD named John Carr has also served as an official with Center for Community Change. Lastly, CHD funded the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, a group of enviro-hippies who condone abortion. Campaign for Human Development is at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and deserves no Catholic support.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: What William F. Buckley, Jr. Would Say About The Journolist#links#links

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: What William F. Buckley, Jr. Would Say About The Journolist#links#links
Joe Klein and Joe Conason! And Paul Krugman, too! They've whored themselves out to Obama.

Fake Scottish People

The Whig tradition is associated with three things. One is a respect for capitalism--the lending of money at interest. Second is what is known as a "projecting spirit"--the willingness to start new projects and businesses. Third is the Presbyterian faith. Many (though not all) Whigs were low-church protestants such as those of Scotland. Therefore, by the logic of the NAACP, the people such as Rachel Maddow who are latter day Tories are fake Scottish people.

On an entirely unrelated note, the Catholic Church is pressing for the release of prisoners associated with Chile's human rights abuses under General Pinochet for "humanitarian" reasons. This melds nicely with the intercession Estase heard at Mass this morning calling for "banishing the death penalty." It is really too bad that the Catholic Church picks such execrable people to want to show mercy towards.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Limits of Judicial Review

"Nor should it ever be lost sight of, that the government of the United States is one of limited and enumberated powers; and that a departure from the true import and sense of its powers is, pro tanto, the establishment of a new constitution. It is doing for the people what they have not chosen to do for themselves(p144). Constitutions are not designed for metaphysical or logical subtleties, for niceties of expression, for critical propriety, for elaborate shades of meaning, or for the exercise of philosophical acuteness, or juridical research(p157). To resign an exposition so sanctioned, would be to deliver over the country to interminable doubts; and to make the constitution, not a written system of government, but a false and delusive text, upon which every sucessive age of speculatists and statesmen might build any system, suited to their own views and opinions(p378)."
Justice Joseph Story
Commentaries on the Constitution

Fighting Unitary Government

Today it was announced that socialized carmaker GM is buying another car loan lender to enlarge its GMAC branch. So now our government is funding the expansion of a failed corporation.

What liberals and conservatives are fighting about is no longer whether or not we should have a strong federal government, but whether or not we should have a unitary government. A federal government is supposed to make foreign policy, run the courts, and leave most other government to the states. A unitary government runs everything, making uniform laws in every part of its territory. America still has states, but lately all they have been is surrogates bossed around by the federal government. It is disingenuous to invoke federalism regarding Arizona's immigration law. We are not talking nullification of federal law, we are talking enforcement of existing federal law. Most of the pundits who throw around the word federalism know not of what they speak. As long as the federal government continues to dictate what policies each state must live up to on issues of internal interest, federalism is dead. The health care bill has nothing to do with interstate commerce as understood by the framers. This does not stop it from being dealt with at the federal level. The federal government was supposed to provide a currency and prevent fraud crossing state lines, but the present reading of the commerce clause makes nearly everything the purview of the federal government.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bishop Kicanas, Where Does This Come From?

Our good friends at CACG, the George Soros front group are now trotting out Bishop Kicanas to tell us that amnesty is a matter of "compassion," and that we have to accept unlimited numbers of immigrants out of "justice." What is the Bishop's solution to the problem of illegals? Why, foreign aid, of course! Yes, when we are dying economically, we are now supposed to start pumping money into Mexico. Bishop Kicanas does not get it. If we cannot afford to take care of Mexicans in Los Angeles, then why are we supposed to take care of them in Tijuana? And what are we supposed to do when our economy collapses as a result of these spending sprees that the Catholic hierarchy wants us to engage in? Does it suit the Catholic Church to destroy America by engaging us in a Cloward-Piven nightmare? Maybe my church does not care about America's continued existence.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Official Obama

Official Obama
Wow, imagine that! Racist, anti-semites support Obama, and now we are supposed to think it is a coincidence they aren't prosecuted for voter intimidation! Really!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kenneth Gladney Is Not a Monk

NAACP is discouraging authorities from prosecuting the SEIU thugs who beat up black conservative Kenneth Gladney because "He's not a brother."

The Fifth Column: "Shut Up!' They Explained

The Fifth Column: "Shut Up!' They Explained
Bishop Daniel Jenky apparently doesn't think homosexuality violates Catholic teachings. Or does he just not care? The Diocese of Peoria has also been conspicuously silent about abortion since John J. Myers left to be Bishop of Newark, NJ.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

American Power: Jimmy Kimmel Production Crew Harasses Peaceful Pro-Life Activists on Hollywood Boulevard

American Power: Jimmy Kimmel Production Crew Harasses Peaceful Pro-Life Activists on Hollywood Boulevard
Wow, Jimmy Kimmel hates pro-lifers! Big surprise since he used to date radical leftist Sarah Silverman. Typical "comedy" from the left.

The Absurdity of Nominalism

In the Bible, Jepthah was a warrior who sacrificed his daughter a la Iphiginia for military victory. Since that was the name of my great-grandmother's father, maybe she was kept up nights worrying about her impending doom. What's the unsexiest name on earth? My answer will be Druscilla. Druscilla Strain did not live up (or down) to her name. In the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451, a politician lost an election simply because his name was Hubert Hoag.

Things aren't great because they sound good, nor bad because they sound bad. Politics is becoming a really good example of this. People keep embracing sound bite politics, politics based on slick promotion, and politics based on nice-sounding catch phrases like "hope and change." The result is that our country is up to its eyeballs in debt and ruled by con artists who promise things they cannot possibly deliver upon.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Father Nieli and Saul Alinsky

Social justice! Doesn't that sound nice! A Paulist priest was praising Saul Alinsky, Obama's idol, because he was an acquaintance of Jacques Maritain. Yet another example of how the Catholic Church still has not learned the lesson Father Charles Coughlin should have taught it seventy years ago. Social justice is a code word for socialism. Unless the Catholic Church wishes to endorse socialism, it cannot endorse the Marxism of Saul Alinsky. How long will it take the bishops to learn this?

American Power: Elena Kagan and Natural Rights

American Power: Elena Kagan and Natural Rights
Can Congress make you eat your vegetables? Does the commerce clause have infinite elasticity? Yes, says National Lawyers Guild-linked Elena Kagan.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ordered Liberty: A call for a return to classical education

Ordered Liberty: A call for a return to classical education
If you have a kid, and you want him to have a really valuable tool for the liberal arts, do them a favor and make sure they learn Greek and/or Latin. So much of what the public schools do with our elementary students is an utter waste of time that prepares them for nothing but trade school.

Adrienne's Corner: I Hold Little Hope The Republicans Will Block Elena Kagan...

Adrienne's Corner: I Hold Little Hope The Republicans Will Block Elena Kagan...
For the Republican Senators to vote for Kagan makes as much sense as bringing a Flaubert novel to a Gwar concert. This woman is so obviously like Ginsburg that she squeaks.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


"Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; because he hath visited and wrought the redemption of his people: And hath raised up an horn of salvation to us, in the house of David his servant: As he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets, who are from the beginning: Salvation from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us: To perform mercy to our fathers, and to remember his holy testament, the oath which he sore to Abraham our father, that he would grant to us, that being delivered from the hand of our enemies, we may serve him without fear, in holiness and justice before him all our days. And thou, child shalt be calledc the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways: to give knowledge of salvation to his people, unto the remission of their sins."
Luke 1:68-77
Douay-Rhiems Version

Apologies to Digital Underground

Stop what you're doing cause I'm about to ruin
The democratic style that you're used to
My name is Hamid, rhymes with Mohammed
To prop me up, lots of GIs will be dead
I look funny, but yo, I got drug money
All you gotta do is give Hamid a chance, and now I'm gonna do my dance
The Karzai dance, here's your chance
To lose a war

Film Noir Photos: Happy Birthday Peter Lorre (1904-1964)

Film Noir Photos: Happy Birthday Peter Lorre (1904-1964)
"You stupid fathead! You bloated idiot!" One of the best quotes from one of the best actors in classic film.

The Fifth Column: McChrystal Clear

The Fifth Column: McChrystal Clear
Steve is right on the money. McChrystal is an odd subject of pity for conservatives, just as Petraeus was an odd subject of contempt for liberals.

Monday, June 21, 2010

St. Blogustine: VP Joe Biden Relishes Role As Disobedient Catholic On Abortion

St. Blogustine: VP Joe Biden Relishes Role As Disobedient Catholic On Abortion
Just as holy as he is intelligent, Joe Biden. Dick Durbin goes high on that list, too.

Elena Kagan: Bork Hearings Were
‘Best Thing That Ever Happened’

Elena Kagan: Bork Hearings Were<br /> &#8216;Best Thing That Ever Happened&#8217;
What an atrocious thing to say! The only thing they didn't do to Judge Bork was physically murder him! The Bork debacle was the worst thing Ted Kennedy ever did, and that includes Chappaquidick. They distorted Judge Bork's record, accused him of racism, and treated him as though he were some neo-nazi thug. This outrageous statement alone should keep Elena Kagan off the U.S. Supreme Court. Unbelieveable!

Avery Sewell and Coercion

The Other McCain is suggesting a new hero-- the unlikely one of Montgomery Ward's CEO who was forcibly taken out of his officers by men with rifles for the unforgivable sin of defying the all mighty and all knowing FDR. In ordinary times, this would seem absurd. But when "sharpening your elbows" is a key Obama strategy, resistance to coercion does take on a heroism it would ordinarily lack. Incidentally Barry, the Tea Party movement shows that when pushed, Americans will push back.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road To Nowhere?

The Barack Obama Parkway in Orlando Florida! Paid for with stimulus dollars. From Riehl World View. As Ozzy said "The road to nowhere leads to me." Or, in this case, the road to nowhere leads to Mickey.

Jodie Evans: What if the Army Did Abortions?

I've just read about a pacifist named Jodie Evans who also was an official with NARAL. Does Jodie have a problem with killing terrorists before they are born?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Steven Givler Online: Why the 17th Amendment was a bad idea

Steven Givler Online: Why the 17th Amendment was a bad idea
See also the election of Al Franken as Senator from Loonasota. Is there really much difference between Alvin Greene and Al Franken? Other than the fact that Greene at least served his country in our military.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

John Locke and "Deserving" Human Rights

John Locke thought that not everything born of woman was truly human--that those with sub-normal intelligence were unworthy of life. It should come as no surprise that "Lockean America" is comfortable with abortion.

I just read a ridiculous quote where someone said the "problem" with Benedict XVI is that he is a faithful Christian first and an intellectual second. Well, you know what? Most religious leaders aren't even an intellectual second. Nor would you describe most "journalists" (and I use that term advisedly, given what Time and Newsweek have degraded into)as intellectuals. No one has a problem with the fact that our president, who we are all told is an intellectual, has botched the response to the Gulf oil disaster. And Oh Blah Blah isn't a Catholic priest, so what is his excuse for incompetance, oh liberal media pundits?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Connected Beneath the Surface

Why is it that when one leftist cause is threatened, all rush out to act? Why is it that the gay rights people come out to defend abortion? Why does ACLU care about immigration. I've never heard the NRA say anything about tax policy. I've never heard the Chamber of Commerce discuss religion in public life. Conservative groups do not seem to be connected the way liberal groups are.

I came upon a preposterous blog by people seeking amnesty for illegals from Ireland. It was called "The Thirty-Third County." Well, I have news for Paddy. America is NOT an extension of Ireland, any more than it is an extension of any other country. If you do not respect America's immigration laws, stay in Ireland. Or go live in France, which is the kind of quasi-socialist paradise most Irish seek. If you do not believe me on that, listen to RTE radio, the Irish version of BBC. I've never heard so much leftist nonsense as I heard on Irish radio. It makes NPR sound pretty moderate, actually.

Citizen Pamphleteer: It Looks Like The Ass Has Been Kicking You

Citizen Pamphleteer: It Looks Like The Ass Has Been Kicking You
Getting ridiculed by Jon Stewart is the first time that Obama has had anything in common with George W. Bush. This reminds me of Citizen Kane by Orson Welles, where influencing politics isn't enough for the newspaper titan. So what's next? Jon Stewart running for president?

Why Playboy Shouldn't Give You An Erection

Everybody always knew Playboy was left-wing. From pot legalization to homosexuality to abortion, everyone has always known to expect idiocy from Hugh Hefner. Recent attempts to mainstream the Playboy image, including cable TV, fail to conceal the countercultural atmosphere of this porno magazine. Well now Playboy has sunk to a new low, as one of their scumball writers has written a piece entitled (and I wish I was making this up) "Ten Republican Women I'd Like to Rape." Besides sounding kind of like a Nine Inch Nails song, this is based on perhaps the sickest thing I've ever heard any man admit to--the idea that he would like to rape any woman. This is not funny, not even in a porno magazine is it acceptable to joke about rape. What I want to know is when the radical left will condemn Playboy for this outrage.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Good Side of 1908

"Dr. Henry Wade Rogers, dean of the Yale Law School, delivered an address in Lexington Kentucky Tuesday evening before the Kentucky University on "The Constitution and the New Federalism." Many of the members of the bar and judges of the Kentucky court of appeals listened to the address. He said in part:
'A tendency has developed within a few years to increase the power of the federal government at the expense of the state government, and in the federal government to enhance the power of the executive department at the expense of both the judicial and legislative departments. A disposition has also manifested itself to ignore the canons of constitutional construction which heretofore have guided the courts of the country and to establish a new theory which shall give to the constitution that quality of elasticity which is the characteristic of the common law. There also appears an increasing antagonism to the courts and an attempt to create a feeling that they are anti-democratic and should be shorn of the power to nullify unconstitutional legislation. An antipathy is expressed to the limitations of power which the constitution has imposed and which the fathers reverenced and deemed necessary. These tendencies are found to some extent in both the great parties and in all sections of the country. We are threatened with a revival of federalism and with a federalism that is more extreme and radical that the leaders of the old federal party ever sanctioned. The argument proceeds on the assumption that the states have failed to perform their duty properly so that great evils have grown up which the states cannot or will not properly remedy and from which we should have been free if only the federal government had exercised the authority and not the states. That the states have not done their full duty is conceded. But that the federal government would have done better is a mere assumption and one I am not willing to accept."

Uncle Joe in Virginia

A town in Virginia actually has a bust of Stalin as part of a WW II memorial. The greatest generation is being put in the same category as one of history's most evil tyrants, a man who killed forty million people. What do you expect when a Christmas ornament on last year's White House tree had Mao Zedong on it? Note to Oh Blah Blah: Maybe the head of an athiest state is not appropriate for celebrating a religious holiday?

Monday, June 07, 2010

In Case You Missed It

To see American Life League's video about CHD, go to . It is an eye-opener.

Gaza Free Ireland

Apparently, my cousins over on the ould sod are all worked up about how oppressed the people of Gaza are. Some of them have even gone to fight jihad against Israel. Well, my Irish friends, you have nothing in common with Islamic weirdos who would have your colleens wearing burkas, and would force you to pay dhimmitude because you are not of the right faith. Incidentally, isn't religious freedom one thing the Irish always wanted from England? Hmmm....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

American Power: NBC12 in Phoenix Broadcasts Anti-SB 1070 Attacks on Republicans as Nazis

American Power: NBC12 in Phoenix Broadcasts Anti-SB 1070 Attacks on Republicans as Nazis
Now this is just as hypocritical as it gets. The same people who say that Tea Party people are insane because they compare Obama to Mussolini are now describing Republicans to Nazis, and what is more, NBC is tacitly endorsing this point of view. See also Chris Matthew's new attempt to conflate right wing militias with Tea Parties.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anti-Popery, Past and Present

A ninth grader was sent home from school for wearing his rosary. Wow, that's horrible isn't it?

I learned today about the link between Robert Harley and A.A. Cooper. Britain in the Eighteenth century is so much cooler than twenty-first century America. No one had yet imbibed the heady wine of 1848 style collectivism yet. The political debates were between the Tories and the Whigs. If you ask me, the Tories are the ancestors of today's liberals. They mistrusted the military (no standing army) and they believed in collective rights instead of individual rights. They also mistrusted businessmen, and saw great danger in "Popery" (see also today's reflexively anti-Catholic school system where rosary beads are contraband.

The only question is why so often the Catholic Church puts itself on the side of the Tories, those who hate Catholicism and all it stands for.

American Power: Rand Paul Sets the Record Straight

American Power: Rand Paul Sets the Record Straight
The obvious answer to the equation of libertarianism with Jim Crow is that Jim Crow coexisted with statist, redistributionist politics from Woodrow Wilson (who threw blacks out of the White House). to Huey Long, to FDR, whose statism was obvious and whose commitment to civil rights feeble. Libertarianism didn't rule America from 1908 to 1952, LIBERALISM did. Why does no one admit this?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There Can Be No Love WIthout Justice

Guess who was a big fan of Cardinal O'Connor? SEIU, the socialist public employee's union!


Guess who was one of the people looking to pardon the FALN terrorists from Puerto Rico? John Cardinal O'Connor! Yet another example of the good judgment of Catholic officials.

The Fifth Column: To Bomb or Not To Bomb

The Fifth Column: To Bomb or Not To Bomb
It is typical of the American Left to show deference to those who would make a lampshade out of them.

American Power: Elvis Costello Stabs Israeli Fans in the Back

American Power: Elvis Costello Stabs Israeli Fans in the Back
Elvis Costello is a left-wing freak who has been singing derisively about men in green shirts (read Non-pacifists) his entire career. Typical proli-rock.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just a conservative girl: The Gospel According to Nancy

just a conservative girl: The Gospel According to Nancy
The sad part is that many Catholics agree with Nancy Pelosi, and the tragic part is that many of them are bishops in the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ignorance Follies

Ever hear someone talking about something totally unimportant, and just decide you did not care? Republican Mike Bennett of Florida decided to zone out during a debate on something totally unimportant to most country club Republicans, abortion, and decided to look at porn instead. Abortion? Naah, naked women are much more important.

And facts, I mean, who needs them? Bill Maher, repository of wisdom that he is, declared that Brazil doesn't use oil. No, they're only the eighth biggest user of oil on Earth! But what's the facts when you are as hilarious as Bill Maher. The same guy who accused Christians of masturbating with the Bible.

Being ignorant is not just fun, it is the American way! Anytime you want to ignore reality and just be a dumb ass, think about Mike Bennett and Bill Maher!

Monday, May 03, 2010

St. Blogustine: May Day Rallies Give Away True Nature Of Amnesty Movement

St. Blogustine: May Day Rallies Give Away True Nature Of Amnesty Movement
I'm glad I'm not the only Catholic blogger fed up with bishops and cardinals insulting those of us who oppose amnesty and the open borders policy. Archbishop Gomez and Cardinal Mahony, you do not speak for me, and you never will.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blame it on Benedict

I just found out that Electric Light Orchestra bassist Kelly Groucutt died last fall, which is a bummer. But you know whose fault it is? Pope Benedict XVI! It's true, he was alive at the time. He might have had Groucutt eat healthier food! And what about the earthquake in Haiti? After all, if the Pope only encouraged the use of condoms, there would have been fewer people in Port Au Prince, right? As we know, human beings are responsible for everything that people in their organization do. Unless it involves giving out advice on how to run a brothel with underage girls. Or it involves bribing Senators to vote for a wildly unpopular piece of legislation. Then you get a free pass.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

American Power: Barack Obama's Humiliation of Israel

American Power: Barack Obama's Humiliation of Israel
Would we really expect anything different from someone who has Samantha Power as a top advisor and whose memoir was ghost-written by the fanatically anti-Israel Bill Ayres? No.


Socialism always results not in shared prosperity, but in universal poverty and failure.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Neugebaur Is Right

Republican congressman Randy Neugebaur was absolutely correct when he called Bart Stupak, the pretended pro-life Democrat a baby-killer. Ever since the buyout of Ben Nelson, it has been impossible for Estase to take seriously any claim that any Democrat is pro-life. A worthless promise from a President who has proven his mendacity is all it has taken to get Stupak to change his mind. The Susan B. Anthony Fund has already announced its plans not to give him their Defender of Life award that he had been scheduled to be awarded this week. Neugebaur is to Stupak what Joe Wilson was to Oh Blah Blah.

Terri Schiavo Retrospective

"We do not ordinarily think that people lose their standing as human beings, and as bearers of rights, when they suddenly become weak and vulnerable and dependent on the care of others." -Hadley Arkes

Five years after the legal murder of Terri Schiavo, there exists no legal right preventing a person from being starved by an uncaring spouse.

There are only four legitimate reasons, according to Catholic ethics, to withdraw care from a patient. The first is that care is an excessive burden to the patient or family. Terri's family would have gladly borne this burden. The second is that feeding and hydration is actually causing suffering. This was not the case with Terri. Third, if the feeding will not be effective, or cannot be assimilated, feeding need not continue. Again, this was not the case. And death was not imminent, the last possibility.

Of course, five years ago people claimed that Terri, unable to speak, was essentially unconscious. This was before Belgian Rom Houben found a way to communicate by computer after twenty-three years suffering from "locked-in syndrome", which made it similarly impossible to speak.

One can only wonder if Terri Schiavo was conscious as her life was being taken away from her for her husband's convenience.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

American Power: Planned Parenthood Pamphlet, 1952 - Abortion 'Kills the Life of a Baby'

American Power: Planned Parenthood Pamphlet, 1952 - Abortion 'Kills the Life of a Baby'
I guess Planned Parenthood hadn't figured out how much money they could make selling abortions yet in 1952.

Lesbian Crack-addict Women Religious

Now Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has a group of nuns on their side as they push for socialized medicine, open borders, and carbon dioxide emission taxes! Enter the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), who are not bothered in the least by the abortion funding in Obamacare.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christians and the F-Word, Part Two

As I wrote in June 2009, many proponents of Catholic Social Teaching would like to forget about Father Charles Coughlin, whose anti-Semitism went along with a statist mentality of income redistribution. Recently I linked to a Catholic Key Blog story about Campaign for Human Development's connections with SEIU, which brought a comment about a video from American Life League which demonstrates CHD's links to pro-abortion forces.

Another facet of Catholic Social Teaching is the "living wage" doctrine, which would pay people with kids more than people doing the same job with no kids. Most Americans have no interest in such feudalism.

Many Americans are calling the Obama administration socialist, but millions of Catholics could make the same complaint about "consistent life ethic" and other schemes their prelates devise.

Pessimistic Leftism

Traditionally, leftism has been based on a rosy picture of human nature. Rousseau believed that man in the state of nature is moral. Paine believed human nature was basically good. This stands in contradistinction to conservatives from Augustine on, who saw men as fundamentally tending towards sin and evil. Now the left has reverted to the position that man is corrupt. People cannot be left to make even dietary decisions because of inborn stupidity. Just as with the original statist, Thomas Hobbes, the newer leftists believe that political society makes life tolerable. Indeed, there is no new thing under the sun

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rahm Emanuel

Refrain: Hey, I know where you're from
It makes it that much nicer to meet you
Hey, I know what you've done
It makes it that much nicer to defeat you
It's what we are, it's what we are

Borg is a human with a kung fu spine equipped with a detector of what's on your mind
You give, you shuck, you bob, you weave, and when you're down you've got something up
your sleeve
And you've got it good as bad as it gets
You make your own incisions that come with regrets
You're in it to win and make every minute count
You put it all together and dish it out
All that knowledge, all that skill
All the gas it takes to get to the top of the hill
And while the others try to take your spot, but you gotta make them stop
Would you do anything, whatever it takes?
Jacks in the road, yeah fix the brakes
It's the instinct that's got us locked up tight
And it's the madness that's keeping us up all night
Borg is a human with mechanics to win
Borg is a machine with a human tucked in
You jive, you shuck, you bob, you stick,
You're callin' out for help when it gets too thick
Your honor, your honor, it's not me
It's the invisible, visible, evil powers that be
Untraceable insatiable having to feed
Yeah you cry when you're wounded and you laugh when they bleed
"Defeat You" by Greg Camp of Smashmouth

Two Revolutions

"In the former [the English Revolution]the chalice overflowed from excess of principle, in the latter[the French Revolution] from the fermentation of the dregs!"
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Saturday, March 06, 2010

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

When not plotting at how to socialize American health care, Congress has been busy losing the war in Afghanistan through an example of shockingly bad foreign policy judgment. Traditionally, Afghanistan has been between two spheres of influence, Russia and Turkey. (Read about the Crimean war if you do not believe me.) It is a cinch that Russia does not want us in Afghanistan. Now, the Congress is making our name mud with the Turks, too! By condemning as genocide the killing of Armenians in 1915, the Congress has stated the obvious. They have also burned a very crucial bridge, pissing off the one Islamic country that does not totally hate us. Or did not totally hate us until now. Good job, guys.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remove the Cause

"I think they begin at the wrong end. They should have commenced the measure of redress to Ireland at the cottage instead of the park and the mansion. To have gone first to the higher orders of Catholics, to have sought to make them judges, peers, and commoners, I do not know that such a proceeding, had it taken place, would not rather have served to aggrevate discontent, as it might have been construed into a design to divide the interests of the Catholics. Sure I am that without a view to serve or to conciliate the Catholic population, I mean the poor, the peasantry, its effect would be nothing. It would be like dressing or decorating the topmasts of a ship when there were ten feet of water in the hold, or putting a laced hat on a man who had not a shoe to his foot. The place to set out to in Ireland for the relief of the people is the cottage. . . .If you want the attachment of the Irish, begin by giving them some reason to love you. You ask Ireland for bravery and take away the motives for it; for loyalty, and deprive them of the benefits of the Constitution. By the hapless Bill proposed but defeated, at least a Catholic officer might have been enabled to make a career, and need no longer rise to his own degradation. Charles the First asked Selden what was the best way to put down rebellion; to which Selden answered, "Remove the cause." Remove the cause of disaffection in Ireland, and disaffection will end."
Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Woman Draws Pro-Life Shock by Live Blogging Abortion on Twitter, YouTube

Woman Draws Pro-Life Shock by Live Blogging Abortion on Twitter, YouTube
Wow, this woman has all the warmth and intelligence I would expect from someone who has an abortion. If she hates breeding so much, she might avoid sex for a starter.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Psalm 42

Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy; deliver me from the unjust and decietful man. For thou art God my strength: why hast thou cast me off? and why do I go sorrowful while the enemy afflicteth me? Send forth thy light and thy truth: they have conducted me, and brought me unto thy holy hill, and into thy tabernacles. And I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth. To thee, O God my God, I will give praise upon the harp: why art thou sad, O my soul? and why dost thou disquiet me? Hope in God, for I will still give praise to him: the salvation of my countenance, and my God.

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Catholic Key Blog: Main Problem for CCHD - Community Organizing Involves Lying

The Catholic Key Blog: Main Problem for CCHD - Community Organizing Involves Lying
What is wrong here is what is wrong with Catholic Social Teaching and the so-called Consistent Life Ethic in general, namely, the fact that this stuff is just socialism by another name.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Is It About Palin?

Read about the kind of crap that the entertainment types are saying about Palin at Anyone Joy Behar hates so much cannot be all bad.

A New Hobbs Act

The labor practice of using force to compel the use of union labor was outlawed by the Hobbs Act in 1951. The Hobbs Act was vitiated by 1973's Emmonsdecision, where unions were authorized to use violence to achieve "legitimate" objectives.

Estase thought the reason we had laws was to prevent people from using coercion to take from others. Instead, what Justice Marshall did was institutionalize violence. Congress needs to make it clear that murder is not a bargaining tool.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Weird Thought

Doesn't Theresa Russell look kind of like Ray Liotta through the eyes? Or am I nuts?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Does Obama Hate Israel?

Obama memoir Dreams of my Father ghost writer Bill Ayers has just signed a petition against the state of Israel, comparing the Jewish state to South Africa. The details can be found at Maybe this attitude from a top Obama confidant explains why Iran is allowed to do whatever it wants to dissidents, while U.S. pressure keeps Israel from construction on the West Bank.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Justice Heidi Fleiss

After hearing Heidi Fleiss say "Thank God for abortion! No one should have a baby.," Oh Blah Blah put her on his short list for Supreme Court nominees.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Soros and the Paternity Ringleader

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has joined forces with the paternity test maven! Yes, they have co-sponsored an event on teen pregnancy where Maury Povich is the featured speaker. Anyone who has ever watched Mr. Povich's show would wonder what makes him an expert on sexual morality, and it is anyone's guess what Povich has to do with a "Consistent Life Ethic." By the way, does this mean I have an "Inconsistent Life Ethic?" CACG is a front organization funded by socialist billionaire George Soros.

Allah By the Bay

If liberals stomped on a flag that said "God," would it surprise anyone? Would any sane person call such an act racist? Would any college, particularly any public university, have an objection? If College Democrats did this, would they be forced to disband?

San Francisco State University denounced its College Republicans for religious intolerance because of a rally where Hamas and Hezbollah flags were stomped on in 2007. (Stupid fascists: of course they should have known the Arabic script on the flags read "Allah!")

Congressional Reform

"In effect, to follow, not to force the public inclination; to give a direction, a form, a technical dress, and a specific sanction, to the general sense of the community, is the true end of legislature."

Edmund Burke