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Monday, July 14, 2008


"Do you then, you excellent and most admirable parents, read this law and hide your faces, you who are continually plotting the deaths of your children, you who entertain cruel designs against your offspring, so as to expose them the moment that they are born, you unreconcilable enemies of the whole race of mankind; for who is there to whom you ever entertain good will, when you are the murderers of your own children? You who as far as it lies in your power, make cities desolate, beginning with the destruction of your nearest relations; you who overturn all the laws of nature, and pull down all that she builds up; you who are savage and untamable in the barbarity of your souls, raising up destruction against birth, and death against life."

Philo of Alexandria
C.D. Yonge translation
On the Virtues, Chapter Twenty-Five

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Illumination, Not Illuminati

"But the wise and virtuous man is not only a blessing to himself, but he is also a common good to all men, diffusing advantages over all from his own ready store. For as the sun is the light of all those beings who have eyes, so also is the wise man light to all those who partake of a rational nature."
Philo of Alexandria
On Dreams, Book I, Chapter 28