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Monday, May 16, 2016

U.S. Army Promotes Movie

       Everybody knows the Obama Administration is in thick with the entertainment industry.  (Bought a DVD lately?  Notice that they created an office, complete with scary-looking emblem, devoted solely to movie piracy?)  In 2008, every entertainer from Neil Young to Henry Winkler was boosting a relatively unknown Illinois Senator as the nation's salvation.  Obama is said to have sent personal text messages to Scarlett Johansson.  (And any look at Michelle will tell you why.)  Other than Wall Street fat cats, Hollywood provides the lion's share of funding for liberal causes.
       Even in light of the incestuous relationship between Democrats and Hollywood, it was still shocking to see an Army recruiting commercial that was mostly a plug for the new Independence Day sequel.  How is it that a U.S. military that skimps on weapons and stopped feeding troops hot breakfasts now has the money to shill for Hollywood?  The advertisement in question says nothing about actual service in the real U.S. Army, but focuses on a make-believe force defending Earth from aliens.  You know, if what Oh Blah Blah meant when he promised to fundamentally transform America was letting men in women's restrooms, forcing nuns to buy abortion drugs for their employees, and using the Pentagon budget to get everyone to see a movie, I can safely say that Estase isn't feeling the change.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Time for Stoicism

       With regards to Lil' Sweet, the character used to sell Diet Dr. Pepper ("Awesome Adverts"), it seems I may have spoken too soon.  The other day, Estase saw a brand-new Lil' Sweet commercial.  In a world where people still impersonate Elvis Presley forty years after his death, perhaps a Prince-inspired character still makes sense after the death of the Purple One.
       This is a shout-out to the voters of Indiana:  we Illinoisans can feel better about our bad electoral choices now that you chose a womanizing liberal liar who favors socialized medicine over Ted Cruz.  Smooth move, Ex Lax.  
        This is a time for Stoicism.  It seems almost inevitable that whoever is our next president, they will be a disaster.  What is beyond our control is nothing that should disturb us.  Cicero managed to be content even as he was exiled, even as he saw a tyrant destroy the Roman Republic.  One's own morality and excellence are all that we have control over.  To be concerned with anything we can't do anything about is a recipe for unhappiness.  
       Human curiosity, however, impels one to ask why otherwise rational commentators have gone on the Trump bandwagon.   Why does Michael Savage live in San Francisco, ground central for liberal craziness?  So he never runs out of material.  Why does Michael Savage support Citizen Kane, when it's clear he's not a conservative;   and even were he a conservative, he has no way of defeating Hillary Clinton given his habit of insulting entire groups of people?   Because Hillary Clinton being the next president of the United States is good business for someone whose job is castigating liberals.  Think of all the groups Trumpsters have insulted--Muslims, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics.  What are the chances in a general election for someone who has alienated most of the country?  Estase has been in Facebook exchanges with people who called him a liberal and promised to deport him as soon as Citizen Kane is elected.  Some of the die-hard Trump supporters clearly aren't playing with a full deck.  People who wear tinfoil hats aren't an important voting bloc.