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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just read a "conservative" blog that praised the loony-tunes economics of G.K. Chesterton. I am not one of those who call Chesterton a fascist or who compare him with Oswald Moseley. I am willing to forgive someone for misjudgments. I am not, however, eager to embrace his economics just because there were elements of his politics he was right about. By the same token, I am not willing to agree with everything his friend Belloc wrote either. The worst part about the article that the blog linked to was an unwarranted attack on the Acton Institute and the late Father Neuhaus as Calvinists. (See my prior blog "Fake Scottish People".)

Monday, August 16, 2010

I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy

I just found out that several books I have read are on the Index of Forbidden Books. Such works as those of Hobbes, and Descartes are on the list, as is Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke. On the last count, I see why one would think that was a danger to right thinking, as it proposed ethical hedonism and nominalism. I really do think that Concerning Human Understanding has some spooky parts in it.

Note on the Revolution

Three things appear to have precipitated the American Revolution.
The British entrusted the offices in the American colonies to the highest bidder, not to people who actually knew or cared what they were doing.
The mercantilistic system the British created put the Crown-aligned Companies in the driver's seat--a clear violation of the Parliamentary supremacy that 1689 was supposed to have enshrined.
The British hated spending money on the Colonies. They hated the War of Jenkins Ear that Pelham-Holles pushed for when Walpole was Prime Minister. Pelham-Holles later had a rude awakening as to why Walpole felt that way when he had the Seven Years/French and Indian War thrust upon him as Prime Minister. English business may have liked the money they made from the colonies, but they cost the government mightily in military expenditures.

Lisa Graas: Dedicated to the Kentucky Republican Party and @SarahPalinUSA

Lisa Graas: Dedicated to the Kentucky Republican Party and @SarahPalinUSA
I have pretty much the same opinion about the Illinois Republican Party and their candidate for Senate, Mark Kirk. The fact that Obama supports Alexi Ginnoulias is not sufficient to make me vote for a pro-abort, even where the pro-abort is Republican. When will you guys in the GOP get it? A pro-abortion Republican versus a pro-abortion Democrat is a waste of time. I feel like I would be rewarding the Illinois GOP for cowardice if I voted for Mark Kirk. I intend to write in Patrick Hughes, even if that means throwing away my vote.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bite Me, Liberal Catholics

I unsubscribed to a blog called The Western Confucian, because its purveyor thought something called The Catholic Fascist was a funny parody of conservative Catholics. The characters all had names bespeaking gun-toting and racism. The kind of Catholicism these characters preferred was, of course, pre-Vatican II Latin Mass. It isn't funny. Not even close. We conservatives are getting really tired of hymns like "Gather Us In" and "The Servant Song." We are sick of gimmick Masses, like Masses said on a hay bale instead of an altar. We are sick of being called intolerant for opposing leftist Bishops. And lastly, we are sick of snarky pseudo-Catholic trash calling us fascists. Yeah, I said trash. I am not a fascist, and if this is the Catholic Left's idea of humor I think there are going to be many more Greek Orthodox in fifty years.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Irish Anti-Semitism

I am always surprised at what lunatic leftists my cousins across the pond are. I came across a "pro-life" blog called "Thought and Action" that was turgid with anti-Israel, anti- Iraq war propaganda. Need I say again that the Islamic community was extremely friendly to Hitler, and that the fact that the modern left (even in Ireland!) is so friendly to the Islamic world is one of the most damning things about them.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In
See also, in contrast, the case of June Sheldon, a biology teacher in San Jose, California, who was fired for stating that there was no scientific consensus on the genetic nature of homosexual inclinations.

On a different topic, Campaign for Human Development funded the Marxist Chicago Worker's Collaborative,and the pro-abortion San Francisco Organizing Project. CHD funded six organizations associated with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California, a pro-abortion group that also promotes illegal immigrants. CHD funded thirty-one groups associated with the radical Center for Community Change which promotes legal abortion. A former head of CHD named John Carr has also served as an official with Center for Community Change. Lastly, CHD funded the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, a group of enviro-hippies who condone abortion. Campaign for Human Development is at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and deserves no Catholic support.