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Friday, July 29, 2011

Archbishop of Lyon Endorses Eighteenth Sura

Hat tip to Rorate Caeli.

The Archbishop of Lyon, who holds the red hat, attended a ecumenical service that ended in the eighteenth Sura of the Koran.  This is very odd, since this Sura says that Allah cannot have had a son--a clear repudiation of the Catholic faith that makes the Cardinal's presence wholly inappropriate.

Tacit Disapproval

This post deals with the Georgian era, when non-jurors were still not crazy about the Hanoverian succession.  The following appears on p. 138 of the Norton edition of Samuel Richardson's Pamela.

"And though it was a thing to be lamented, yet when he and I should set about to reform mankind in this respect, we should have enough upon our hands;  for, he said, it was too common and fashionable a case to be withstood by a private clergyman or two:  and then he uttered some reflections upon the conduct of the present fathers of the church, in regard to the first personages of the realm, as a justification of his coldness on this score."

Thus, the way in which it was appropriate for the state-dominated church to deal with those it could not approve of was by keeping its silence.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Impending Government Shutdown

Obama will shut down the government to piss off as many people as he can.  To mobilize a vast army of people dependent on government, he must convince them that, instead of trying to impose some sort of rationality on government spending, what Boehner really wants is to cut off government help entirely.  Which is really ironic, since the spending spree going on since Pelosi became speaker in 2006 has been what really threatens the basic ability of government to continue to provide assistance to the poor.  But perception, not reality, is what is important to politics, and Obama must make it the perception that Boehner is trying to hurt the poor, not that he is trying to destabilize the government through unlimited spending.

Thus, despite any efforts Obama may pretend to make, the shutdown is as inevitable as the death of Amy Winehouse.

On a completely different topic, the Vatican bitch-slapped RealCatholicTV's event at World Youth Day by making an unusual press release stating that the conservative's function is not sponsored by the official church.  On a similar note, slime artist Ron Conte defends the undefensible by claiming the Calvinist hymn Amazing Grace is totally consistent with Catholic Mass, despite the fact that it says that belief , not sacraments, are the source of grace.  Mr. Conte's war with New Theological Movement is becoming an unseemly display of his pretended orthodoxy winning out over Christian charity.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann and the Question of Antichrist

It is very amusing to see the same left-wingers who mocked conservatives by questioning how many of them believed Barack Obama was the Antichrist (Fu*king Nascar retards:  there's no such thing!) bringing up Michele Bachmann's childhood Lutheranism.  They believe the Pope's the Antichrist, after all! 

Pitiful, isn't it?  The press thinks they can hoodwink pro-lifers into not voting for Bachmann by pointing out Lutherans don't like the pope.  Neither do the neo-Marxist press, who, unlike Bachmann, think that abortion is terrific, controls overpopulation, and is fun to blog about.

And if you think I'm being insulting to developmentally disabled people or racing fans, that little gem above was what Eric Alterman called those of us who believe that the non-Fox media only lets one side present its case.  The same goes about blogging abortions:  a liberal did that too.

Abortion:  the big liberal issue since the days of J.S. Mill (who would have approved of it had he been consulted).

Update:  As of May 29, 2013, Michele Bachmann announces she will not run for reelection.  Ms. Bachmann still has apparently not resolved the many disputes about unpaid bills from her unsuccessful presidential run, and continues to be the subject of liberal hatred from her work against Rep. Keith Ellison and Huma Abadin.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Wonder We Lose Wars

"Well might I say, he that manages your treasure is the general of your generals, and the soul of the war."  Daniel Defoe, 1709

It's Called Trade...Look Into It!

"It is trade has made your commons rich, your merchants numerous, your poor able to maintain themselves.  It is trade has made you great, strong, terrible abroad, and busy at home.  It is trade has kept your people from wandering like vagabond on the face of the earth."   Daniel Defoe, 1711

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Whig Journalism

"I saw a parcel of people caballing together to ruin property, corrupt the laws, invade the government, debauch the people and in short, enslave and embroil the nation;  and I cried, 'Fire'!"  Daniel Defoe

I love Defoe, as any regular reader of Q.E.D. has probably surmised by this point.  Defoe is in the literary world what Burke was in the political.  Defoe was the Whig writer of the greatest eminence for the eighteenth century, and is ignored by many conservatives who prefer the Tory Johnson.  (N.B. Johnson had a low opinion of Burke.)  Of course liberals idolize out of all proportion Jonathan Swift, who was a friend of a friend (Pope) of the scandalous Jacobite Tory Henry St. John.

Of course, even Tories of the eighteenth century look like members of the Rotary Club compared to the Jacobins who now constitute the Democratic Party.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Glorious Uncertainty of the Law

Hat tip to Boniface at Unam Sanctum Catholicum:  The Grand Duke of Luxumbourg is divested of his veto power for having stood up to the leftist euthanasia law created by Parliament.

Thus, as in America, the constitutions of nations can always be altered for the furtherance of abortion and euthanasia.  In 1973, a previously unknown constitutional right was created as "the prenumbra of a shadow."  You see, constitutional rights do not have to appear in the black-letter law--they can be invented!  The Supreme Court can essentially act as though they were a nine-man Constitutional Convention, and they do not even have to send their creations back to the states for ratification.  The theme song for the international left may as well be Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law."

Not Fit to Lead

Hat tip to Catholic Herald.  Father John Corapi, according to the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, is "not fit for the ministry" due to sexual behavior, substance abuse, and violations of his vow of poverty.  Wow.

This ought to torpedo his BlackSheepDog blog enterprise.  It also makes it clear that anyone who generates a cult of personality, whether it is a politician or a priest, will inevitably let down their followers.  This definitely applies to Oh Blah Blah, whose reputed ability to fix the economy has yet to show itself, and whose ability to accumulate crushing debt through a combination of stimulus, monster budgets, and a third unneeded war in Libya has been shown.