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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Impending Government Shutdown

Obama will shut down the government to piss off as many people as he can.  To mobilize a vast army of people dependent on government, he must convince them that, instead of trying to impose some sort of rationality on government spending, what Boehner really wants is to cut off government help entirely.  Which is really ironic, since the spending spree going on since Pelosi became speaker in 2006 has been what really threatens the basic ability of government to continue to provide assistance to the poor.  But perception, not reality, is what is important to politics, and Obama must make it the perception that Boehner is trying to hurt the poor, not that he is trying to destabilize the government through unlimited spending.

Thus, despite any efforts Obama may pretend to make, the shutdown is as inevitable as the death of Amy Winehouse.

On a completely different topic, the Vatican bitch-slapped RealCatholicTV's event at World Youth Day by making an unusual press release stating that the conservative's function is not sponsored by the official church.  On a similar note, slime artist Ron Conte defends the undefensible by claiming the Calvinist hymn Amazing Grace is totally consistent with Catholic Mass, despite the fact that it says that belief , not sacraments, are the source of grace.  Mr. Conte's war with New Theological Movement is becoming an unseemly display of his pretended orthodoxy winning out over Christian charity.

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