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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann and the Question of Antichrist

It is very amusing to see the same left-wingers who mocked conservatives by questioning how many of them believed Barack Obama was the Antichrist (Fu*king Nascar retards:  there's no such thing!) bringing up Michele Bachmann's childhood Lutheranism.  They believe the Pope's the Antichrist, after all! 

Pitiful, isn't it?  The press thinks they can hoodwink pro-lifers into not voting for Bachmann by pointing out Lutherans don't like the pope.  Neither do the neo-Marxist press, who, unlike Bachmann, think that abortion is terrific, controls overpopulation, and is fun to blog about.

And if you think I'm being insulting to developmentally disabled people or racing fans, that little gem above was what Eric Alterman called those of us who believe that the non-Fox media only lets one side present its case.  The same goes about blogging abortions:  a liberal did that too.

Abortion:  the big liberal issue since the days of J.S. Mill (who would have approved of it had he been consulted).

Update:  As of May 29, 2013, Michele Bachmann announces she will not run for reelection.  Ms. Bachmann still has apparently not resolved the many disputes about unpaid bills from her unsuccessful presidential run, and continues to be the subject of liberal hatred from her work against Rep. Keith Ellison and Huma Abadin.

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