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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Tory Manifestos, Part Two

       "The vast majority of the people is unrepresented and must ever be represented.  No Government of any form or frame can last without the existence of some irresponsible power in its structure, and if the House of Lords were rendered elective to-morrow, what is to check, what is to guard the people of England against the irresponsibility of the constituency and the Representatives of that constituency styled the House of Commons?. . . .But the Commons of England have exercised despotic power before this, and compared with their infamous tyranny {ed.--the Long/Rump Parliaments}the recollection of the rule of the stoutest tyrant that ever waved in this island a solitary sceptre is a dream of bliss.  Let us not, in God's name, try them again;  but if we are mad enough the Republic of jobbers will not last long.  Some brawny arm will soon be extended to 'take away this bauble.' . . .Never let us forget that the House of Commons, when they had got rid of the House of Lords, voted 'trial by Jury' a breach of privilege;  that they doubled the taxes of the country, and loaded it at the same time with enormous debts;  that they divided the public money openly among themselves;  bored men's tongues with red-hot irons who refused to answer their questions;  and sequestered the property and imprisoned the persons of all whom they styled, or chose to consider, malignants."  Benjamin Disraeli, Peers and People (1835)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Trump Narrenschiff, Part Two

       Last week, a caller to The Savage Nation defended Oh Blah Blah and accused Michael Savage of practicing identity politics.  Imagine anyone at once defending Barack Obama, and at the same time accusing someone else of practicing identity politics.  The Obama administration is the final beneficiary of forty years of Afro-American Studies, Women's Studies, Chicano Studies, and Queer Studies.
       What's ironic, though, is that so is Citizen Kane.  Citizen Kane is the face of identity politics turned on its head.  Instead of rousing people to vote for someone to avenge their minority ethnic group, Donald Trump is the stereotypical closed-minded cracker.  Estase is of the opinion that it's all an act.  Citizen Kane is present to militate the Democratic faithful by creating an image that Republicans (despite the fact that Trump is a newcomer to that label) are on a mission to be the anti-Obama.  Trump is the "Fear and Stasis" candidate that Hillary can use to defeat the rest of the GOP candidates with, and then watch as he conveniently self-destructs by one last, inexcusable flub.
       Trump is an old friend of the Clintons.  He tried to hide a Twitter post where he bragged about voting for President Obama.  The fact that professional conservatives like Limbaugh and Levin think this guy is wonderful says nothing other than that they are incompetent.  They should yield their microphones to someone who actually has a clue.  Estase cannot recall an instance more emblematic of mass delusion in his life.  Ross Perot looked like a policy wonk compared to this egomaniac with bad hair.  Pat Buchanan looked like a squishy moderate compared to the shockingly inflammatory language Citizen Kane employs.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Citizen Kane and the Constitutional Crisis

       In the wake of an obvious terror attack in San Bernadino, CA, our Attorney General, Loretta "Worse than Holder" Lynch vows to infringe the First Amendment rights of Americans on behalf of Muslims.   Gee, it's not like Senate Republicans knew Loretta Lynch would ignore the law, or anything.  Loretta Lynch admitted she would ignore our current immigration laws during her confirmation hearings.  Her predecessor ignored DOMA and the federal narcotics laws by allowing states to ignore Federal laws banning marijuana.  Lawlessness is the defining characteristic of the Obama Justice Department.  Yes, the responsibility partly lies with the Obama Administration.  But if "Republican" Senators like Illinois' Mark Kirk would do their job of judicial oversight, the Obama Administration would not be so audacious in ignoring not only the statutory law, but even the Constitution itself.   There are three basic branches to the government, but current constitutional practice is turning the legislative branch into an irrelevance, and the judicial branch into a puppet of the executive branch.  As for the regulatory branch (e.g. EPA, etc.) the legislative branch has ceded so much of its involvement that the presidency is, in fact, becoming the liberal dream of an elected monarchy.
       Unfortunately, GOP front runner Donald Trump seems also to be totally on-board with the presidency being an elected monarchy.  One of the side effects of The Donald's having no knowledge of politics is that he has no political theory at all.  He doesn't know the Constitution from a hole in the ground, and thus he is not making an issue of how the balance of powers has been perverted in this country since 2001.   Citizen Kane is a total fraud who is taking advantage of how bland and boring his competition is.  If Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal had more stage presence, they might be on their way to the Oval Office.  We aren't electing a host for the Tonight Show, people.  Get a grip, and realize that a time of great national danger is no time for an amateur president.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Seventy Mayo Surnames

       This is a first for Q.E.D.  Estase thought about creating a separate blog just for genealogy, but doesn't intend that this should be material presented more than just occasionally.  The following is a miscellany of surnames from church records of Kilcoman, County Mayo.  These names were noted either because they seemed unusual in spelling or unique to me in some other way.  The dates of the records they were found in were approximately 1820-1840.


*These names were entered into the records using the habit from the elegant eighteenth of writing or printing a double-S as "fs".

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Bill O'Reilly Agrees With Salon

          Going to Reagan White House malcontent Donald Regan and Kitty Kelley for research about Ronald Reagan seems like bad journalism to me.  But it is just what Bill O'Reilly did with his new book "Killing Reagan," which should have been called "Killing Reagan's Reputation."  When comparing the attitudes of conservative pundits towards Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley was considerably more impressed with the Gipper than was George Will, who tended to think Reagan left something to be desired as a statesman.  (This is a Will ideosyncracy.  Will loves conservatism, and thinks few exemplify it.)  So for Bill O'Reilly to act as though Will is an uncritical apologist for Reagan, going so far as to call Will "a hack," shows that not only is O'Reilly a poor journalist, he is also a hypocrite of the worst kind.  The same guy who thinks it's all right to act as though his audience are the only American patriots, selling "American Patriot" merchandise off his website, now has the temerity to insult George Will?  Now O'Reilly has the same verdict on Will as ueber-leftist Salon magazine.  Let's see how this partnership works out, folks.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Lose Control

Refrain:Lose control
             With increasing pace
             Watched and bewitched
             Intent to erase
             Whatever they say
             These people are told
             Wan and bereft
             And set to explode

First Verse:  War is overdue
                    The time has come for you
                     To shoot your leaders down
                     Join forces underground
Second Verse:  Oppose and disagree
                       Destroy demonocracy
-------------------(Repeat Refrain)-----------

Performed by MUSE

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Political Idealism from Lord Monmouth

       "I have for a long time looked upon the Conservative party as a body who have betrayed their trust;  more from ignorance, I admit, than from design;  yet clearly a body of individuals totally unequal to the exigencies of the epoch, and indeed unconscious of its real character. . . .Power has left our order, this is not an age for factitious aristocracy. . . .Let me see property acknowledging, as in the old days of {Catholic} faith, that labour is his twin brother, and that the essence of all tenure is the performance of duty."  Benjamin Disraeli, Coningsby, Chapter Three