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Friday, May 19, 2017

Turdogan's Aggression Against Americans

    Last week, Turkish President Erdogan visited Washington D.C.  Many Americans, including those of Armenian descent, came to protest our government's continued collusion with the Islamofascist Turkish state.  Erdogan has been a covert backer of the Daesh, yet continues to receive the support of the American government.  Turdogan unleashed a group of his thugs on American citizens exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.  Some of these Americans were left a bloodied shambles after their beatdown by Turkish thugs.
        Orange Blatherskite ran on a platform of putting the rights of Americans in the forefront.  If he is to maintain any credibility as a person who defends the American people, it is time to put Erdogan in the doghouse.  Cut off all military aid to Turkey.  Take steps to remove Turkey from NATO.  If Turkey will not respect the rights of Americans on American soil, let them be a pariah state.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Mao Zedong Hour

       Estase wrote a letter to Sci-Fi Bruce Rauner about House Bill 40.  One of the more execrable pieces of legislation created by Illinois Democrats, it would publicly fund abortions at a time when the state is already billions of Dollars behind in payments to employees and organizations.  I got a form letter back, thanking me for writing about "abortion access."  With a Republican like Sci-Fi Bruce Rauner, who needs any Democrats?
       Estase is old enough to recall Judy Baar Topinka bragging about how she was pro-abortion and fiscally conservative, which to her meant she was "moderate."  As milquetoast and unassuming as former Governor Jim Edgar was, he looks like a titan of a man compared to most Killinois Republicans.   I have personally never understood why the Illinois GOP has such a poor track record of picking actual conservatives to run for office.  Only the apparatchiks of said party would pick a homosexual Navy vet who exaggerated his service record repeatedly to run for the Senate--and, who, when interviewed by WTAD of Quincy, would opine that confirming judicial nominees was "a waste of time!"  Mind-boggling.  This is the caliber of man who the Illinois GOP puts forward.  I guess we were trying to make Minnesota feel better about their Senators (which include the never-funny either politically or professionally Al Franken).  The absolute leftist insanity of Illinois Democrats is the only impetus to give any of these pseudoconservatives one's vote.
     Makes one almost consider watching the Mao Zedong Hour. . . .