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Thursday, June 30, 2016

In the Absence of Truth, Bullshit Prevails

       In the words of DMX, "In the absence of truth, bullshit prevails."  Such is the case when the AG meets with the spouse of Hillary Clinton, even as she is under criminal investigation by the Justice Department.  Also, Citizen Kane has yet to remark on the extraordinary decision of King's Bench, in which they struck down a Texas law holding abortion clinics to the same standards as other medical clinics.  So much for, "Safe, legal, and rare."  One out of three ain't bad, eh Bill?
        The problem is that modern politicians are indifferent to the truth.  Loretta Lynch is indifferent to the truth.  Hillary Clinton is indifferent to the truth.  The Supreme Court is not only indifferent to the truth, but also to the Constitution.  Donald Trump has proven that he is indifferent to the truth.
        How will anything ever get better in this country as long as those who govern us tell us what benefits them instead of the truth?  The truth is often said to be offensive to the ear.  Those who tell the truth are becoming fewer and fewer in this country.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Appeal to the Delegates

       Estase has been trying to get the attention of Republican primary voters since last July.  Now he is addressing the Delegates to the Convention.  Since my first post ("Price?  No Man Can Say"), proceeding through early posts ("The Trump Narrenschiff" and "Citizen Kane and the Constitutional Crisis"), and concluding with "The Trump Narrenschiff, Part Two," "Fear and Stasis," and "Fear and Stasis, Part Two."  The point of these blogposts has been to make four basic points.

                       I.  Trump shows no signs of being a conservative.  His record includes support for gay marriage, socialized medicine, abortion and gun control.  Any alteration of these historic Trump stances can be explained as political posturing.  Trump has personally supported liberal causes, giving money to the Clintons and Chuck Schumer.  Trump personally invited the Clintons to his last wedding, raising the very real possibility that this whole candidacy was a favor to Hillary Clinton.
                    II.  Trump is out of his depth.  Trump's positions are bumper-sticker slogans.  He has no political experience.  His promises include things that may not even be legal, like banning Muslims from entering the country;  or things that are absurd, like jailing women for having abortions.  Donald Trump appeals to Michael Savage because he has run a shock-jock campaign for president, where being abrasive and extreme has been seen as some kind of a virtue.
                   III.  Trump is dishonest.  Donald Trump made crazy charges about Ted Cruz having multiple mistresses and Rafael Cruz assassinating JFK.  He went from admitting Cruz was legally qualified to run for president to endorsing Lawrence Tribe's claim he was not.  Trump is a chronic womanizer.  Anyone who has practiced so much dishonesty in his life and in this campaign is not fit to hold high office.
                   IV.  Trump is incapable of being elected.  A candidate who has insulted Hispanics, Jews, Catholics and women is bound to be unpopular.  When that candidate only succeeded in garnering 39% of primary votes, how is he capable of winning a general election?

       If you are a Delegate, and are reading this, you are the last line of defense between Republicans continuing to exist as a reputable party, and being forever branded as George Wallace-style knuckledraggers.  I'm not even just worried about who wins the 2016 Presidential Race (although it's important).  Donald Trump being the Republican candidate for 2016 means the end of the Republican party representing optimistic conservatism and limited government.  He represents a radical break with everything Republicans have stood for since the days of Charles Sumner and Abraham Lincoln.  You cannot let this man destroy what so many have fought for.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Neither Here Nor There

    Not content to insult Hispanics and Muslims, or to have surrogates like Ann Coulter insult Jews and Catholics, Citizen Kane has now attacked Orson Welles.  You've got it folks, art reverses life.  The egotistical one apparently describes the man who depicted him several years before his birth as a brilliant wastrel.
       This election cycle has been too bizarre for words up to now, and it doesn't seem to be getting any more normal.  A longtime Democrat, and friend of the Clintons and Chuck Schumer with mob ties has somehow finagled his way into being the likely candidate of the Republican party through a mixture of cynical manipulation and gullible primary voters.  Estase isn't egotistical enough to think the Donald knows about the guerilla war he has been staging against his candidacy.  So it's really just a weird coincidence that Citizen Kane even mentioned Orson Welles.  Just like it's really a weird coincidence that a radical Muslim shot up a gay nightclub last weekend.