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Thursday, June 30, 2016

In the Absence of Truth, Bullshit Prevails

       In the words of DMX, "In the absence of truth, bullshit prevails."  Such is the case when the AG meets with the spouse of Hillary Clinton, even as she is under criminal investigation by the Justice Department.  Also, Citizen Kane has yet to remark on the extraordinary decision of King's Bench, in which they struck down a Texas law holding abortion clinics to the same standards as other medical clinics.  So much for, "Safe, legal, and rare."  One out of three ain't bad, eh Bill?
        The problem is that modern politicians are indifferent to the truth.  Loretta Lynch is indifferent to the truth.  Hillary Clinton is indifferent to the truth.  The Supreme Court is not only indifferent to the truth, but also to the Constitution.  Donald Trump has proven that he is indifferent to the truth.
        How will anything ever get better in this country as long as those who govern us tell us what benefits them instead of the truth?  The truth is often said to be offensive to the ear.  Those who tell the truth are becoming fewer and fewer in this country.

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