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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Neither Here Nor There

    Not content to insult Hispanics and Muslims, or to have surrogates like Ann Coulter insult Jews and Catholics, Citizen Kane has now attacked Orson Welles.  You've got it folks, art reverses life.  The egotistical one apparently describes the man who depicted him several years before his birth as a brilliant wastrel.
       This election cycle has been too bizarre for words up to now, and it doesn't seem to be getting any more normal.  A longtime Democrat, and friend of the Clintons and Chuck Schumer with mob ties has somehow finagled his way into being the likely candidate of the Republican party through a mixture of cynical manipulation and gullible primary voters.  Estase isn't egotistical enough to think the Donald knows about the guerilla war he has been staging against his candidacy.  So it's really just a weird coincidence that Citizen Kane even mentioned Orson Welles.  Just like it's really a weird coincidence that a radical Muslim shot up a gay nightclub last weekend.

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