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Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHD Linked to Pro-Aborts, AGAIN!

Estase has blogged before about Catholic Campaign for Human Development, its partisan background, and its ongoing links to pro-abortion politicians.  Former CHD head John Carr was also associated with Center for Community Change, a progressive group that advocated abortion.  Center for Community Change is associated with the Tides Foundation, a Soros front group. 

The new head of CHD, Ralph McCloud, acted as campaign treasurer for Planned Parenthood-endorsed, pro-abortion candidate Wendy Davis.  (Hat tip to Lisa Graas.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Life Hannibal Lectors

Hat tip to Father Zuhlsdorf, from whom the following comes.  This creature is polluting the internet with his evil, and ask yourself if this pro-abort doesn't sound like a serial killer.

First, never quote Mother Theresa at me--she was an evil hag who worshipped poverty, who did not help people except to encourage them to suffer more for her faith, while she lived in comfort and traveled far and wide to recieve the accolades of the gullible.  I would never find the words of that wicked woman persuasive.  Second, the standard bullying tactics of waving bloody fetuses might cow the squeamish, but I'm a biologist. I've guillotined rats.  I've held eyeballs in my hand and peeled them apart with a pair of scissors.  I've used a wet-vac to clean up a lake of half-clotted blood from an exsanguinated dog.  I've opened bodies and watched the intestines do their slow writhing dance, I've been elbow deep in blood, I've split open cats and stabbed them in the heart with a perfusion needle.  I've extracted the brains of mice. . . with a pair of pliars.  I've scooped brains out of buckets, I've counted dendrites in slices cut from the brains of dead babies.  You want to make me back down by trying to inspire revulsion with dead baby pictures?  I look at them unflinchingly and see meat.  And meat does not frighten me.--PZ Myers

Well, I think that if Dr. Gosdell ever reopens his abortion mill in Philadelphia, PZ Myers would be more than willing to help him collect more baby feet.  "When your daughter is lying on the slab, Senator, what part of you will feel pain?"  Hannibal Lector has nothing on PZ Myers.

Ordered Liberty: Judge John Roll: "greater love hath no man..."

Ordered Liberty: Judge John Roll: "greater love hath no man..."
Estase has been thinking about this situation a good deal. In eighteenth century England, there was hardly unanimity about religion. High church versus low church, Tories versus Whigs; the whole Henry Sacheverell deal. But I haven't seen anything quite as strange as the Tuscon memorial service in a long time. If a public figure in eighteenth century England was murdered, you never would have seen a Druid brought in to worship a tree, which was essentially the kind of religion the White House endorsed two weeks ago. Roll was Catholic, Giffords was Jewish, and they brought in a Native American Shaman to offer the blessing?

But what is Obama's history with religion? Obama described conservatives famously as bitter people who cling to their God and guns. He also declared that America was no longer a Christian nation. To top it all off, he even endorsed the building of Muslim Jihad Land a block from the site of World Trade Center! For someone who has a really poor record of defending the Judeo-Christian tradition, President Obama didn't really make things better in Tuscon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Metaphysics for Liberals

Last week, someone at wrote a really sophomoric piece entitled "Bill O'Reilly:  An Idiot in Search of a Village" in response to a debate Loofa Man had with an idiot from some athiest group.  In the debate, O'Reilly explained that he believed in God, saying, "The tide rolls in, the tide rolls out.  It always happens."

What Loofa Man was obviously getting at was that there is order and regularity to the universe;  something you would never expect if the world was the result of chance or happenstance.

The brilliant soul at Salon, however, claimed this discussion as evidence of Loofa Man's idiocy, saying that THE MOON and not God was the reason for the tide coming in and out.

In Aristotelian Metaphysics, there are four types of causes. (Final, Material, Formal, and Efficient)  Of these four causes, the Moon indeed would constitute the Efficient cause of the motion of the tides;  that is, the proximate reason for water to be pulled in this way is the gravity of the Moon.  In this case, the Formal cause is somewhat irrelevent, as a Formal cause is that which orders the material shape or design of a thing.  The formal cause of things made by men are the minds of their designers.  A Material cause is, in this case, the law of gravity, because in this case that is the "subject out of which or in which the actuations of causes occurs."  (The Philosophy of Being, Smith and Kendzierski, p. 121) This leaves the Final Cause, the reason for all things, which theistic Aristotelians associate with God. 

So of the four causes of Aristotle, the only one that Salon recognizes is the Efficient Cause, leaving blank spaces for the other three.  Salon allowed a variety of comments of the nature of "Right wingers are stupid, and they don't know anything about science," so apparently the only religion tolerated by liberals is Islam.  One of the comments said something snide about "the Pope's invisible friend," but no where did anyone cite Islam as a "stupid" religion.  My previous blog "Obama's Catholic-Bashing Speechwriter" talked about Jon Lovett, who joked that TSA positions were designed to give defrocked Catholic priests a job opportunity.  Mr. Lovett would of course never make a joke about the systematic abuse of women in Islamic societies.  So we see a distinct double-standard, where athiestic liberals hold their fire on Islam, but let Catholics have it with both barrels.  (Estase now expects to be blamed for any incidents where Catholics are shot.)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pope Appoints Pro-Abort to Pontifical Academy of Science

Hat tip to Rorate Caeli.

A doctor from Communist Brazil, Miguel Nicolelis, who is also a pro-abortion fanatic, was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Pontifical Academy of Science.  Why a pope would want a pro-abort as an advisor escapes me.

Daniel Hannan to the Illinois Republican Party

OK, so he wasn't specifically talking to the corrupt oligarchy that gave us Mark Kirk, but he could have been.  In his excellent new The New Road to Serfdom, he remarks on page 33

"How extraordinary, I thought, to have a system where politicians see their role as being to represent their constituencies in their parties rather than the other way around;  where policy is made bottom-up rather than top-down.  My own electoral division, South East England, is, like Georgia, a pretty right-wing place--certainly in the sense of being fiscally conservative.  But, whereas both parties in Georgia try to reflect the temper of the local populace, Labour candidates in South East England are, if anything, further to the left than in the rest of the country, reflecting as they do the prejudices of tiny selection committees."

Of course, since Illinois' Republicans have been unable to elect the members of the state's Republican central committee since 1979, the direction of the party is by the same sort of clique that Hannan complains of being the bane of the British party system.   When Illinois Republicans are goaded into making a lying pro-abort their Senate candidate, can we really say they have an open primary?  Time can only tell, but it is entirely possible that Alexi Ginnoulias' positions on abortion would have been identical to those of Mark Kirk.  Kirk is Illinois' answer to Aqua Buddha Rand Paul.  Is it a good thing that I can say that about my Senator?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Taking on Huck Haters

This is to all the conservative bloggers who made ridiculous statements about Mike Huckabee being a "big government Republican" because he defended Michelle Obama's anti-obesity efforts--GROW UP! ! ! !

Being reflexively anti-Obama doesn't make you conservative.
Being reflexively pro-Palin doesn't make you conservative.
Being a thoughtless drone makes you identical to the people who make the liberal side so boring, monotonous, and ridiculous.

And who is better than Huckabee?
The undependable Palin (sometimes pro-life, sometimes not)?
The even worse Mitt Romney (pro life before pro choice before pro life)?