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Monday, October 18, 2010

Representative Driehaus Contra Free Speech

Ohio Representative Steve Driehaus wants to jail Mrs. Dannenfelser, head of the Susan B. Anthony Fund, for stating that ObamaCare includes abortion. 

Common Sense Catholicism: Dr. Smith Issues a Response to Dr. Von Hildebrand

Common Sense Catholicism: Dr. Smith Issues a Response to Dr. Von Hildebrand
Another response to the West cult.

The Fifth Column: Tom Lehrer's TOB

The Fifth Column: Tom Lehrer's TOB
Excellent article about "Theology of the Bawdy."

Caroline Glick :: Latma brings you...Pallywood!

Caroline Glick :: Latma brings you...Pallywood!
I really think Drek O'Hara represents the anti-semetic tone of many Irish people.

What is This?

This site describes an Islamic prayer meeting in Washington. The President announced that he would not attend the National Prayer Breakfast this year, also stating that America is not a Christian nation. Allegedly, the event involving Islam is supported by the White House. Estase does not know if this is true.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Are People Scared?

The President claims that the Democrats are behind because people are scared, ignoring totally his role in scaring them with:

*a one trillion dollar stimulus
*a byzantine health care bill
*an aimless war in Afghanistan
*no remedy for the imbalance in Social Security payments versus revenue.

In addition, we have Obama ally Representative Phil Hare calling the debt a myth!
Why wouldn't people be scared?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

St. Blogustine: Those Crazy Anti-Lifers. May God Convert Them All!

St. Blogustine: Those Crazy Anti-Lifers. May God Convert Them All!

Why the Double Standard?

For several weeks, liberal talking heads have told us how backward the minister in Florida was for proposing to burn a Koran on September 11th. Oh how illiberal, hateful, un-American! This would never do!

Last week it came to light that the State of Colorado paid for an exhibition full of anti-Catholic propaganda, including a depiction of the Savior performing a sex act. Did the same people who told us we had to embrace Islam (a faith that sees no obligation to return the favor) have any objection to insulting Catholicism? No. Why is that?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Earth to Phil Hare, Come In Phil Hare

Phil Hare is now claiming that the United States isn't in debt, and can spend at will.

Total liabilities of the U.S. Government are 53 TRILLION!

Much of this is owed to COMMUNIST CHINA!

I cannot believe this clown is my congressman.

Dropping the Ball

Dropping the ball in religion--
Catholic liberals who get freaked out by making scriptural references in Mass prayers that no one questioned before 1962.
Dropping the ball in politics--
Illinois Republicans who made a lying pro-abort their Senate candidate.

Good job on both!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crass Money Grubbers? Or Sincere Voices?

Dawn Eden, who bravely questions the pseudo-Catholic ramblings of Christopher West, has found herself accused of being a crass money-grubber by Dr. Janet Smith.

Coincidentally, Riehl World View is now accusing Glenn Beck of the same thing, comparing Mr. Beck to a feminine televangelist. Touche!

Remember reader, no one has any legitimate opinions about anything. It is all just a ploy to make money.

Unless you are Christopher West or Dan Riehl.

Such can be described either as cynicism or as psychological projection of one's own faults onto others.