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Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Another Loony Blog

This goes out to the Odd William Oddie, who called Q.E.D. "just another loony blog," and claimed I made up all I said about his hit piece on Rick Santorum.  Mr. Oddie can claim that his claim that Santorum cannot win is based on the political buzz of the mainstream media, which studiously claims that only Romney can be the nominee.  He backtracked on saying that Santorum was "demented" on NHS, retreating to the position of Santorum being grossly uninformed about the wonders of socialized healthcare.  Mr. Oddie used the socialist-speak of calling Santorum a "neo-liberal," something he seems now to have forgotten in his calling Q.E.D. "another loony blog."   No, Mr. Oddie, I don't make it all up.  I can read and I can also remember what you said in your original hit piece.

The problem with Chesterton, who was the inspiration of so many like Oddie, is that it is based on the Tory Radical William Cobbett, and like all Toryism, Cobbettry is odious to those of us who style ourselves Whigs.  Am I making that up too, Mr. Oddie?  You know, Mr. Oddie, you have a much bigger audience of readers than I do, and you probably have better things to do than berate my blog. 

Postscript:  The Navy is going to name a ship after Congresswoman Giffords?  Huh?  Was Ms. Giffords ever even in the Navy?  It would be better to name a ship after M.C. Hammer--at least he was in the Navy.  It says something about the Oh Blah Blah administration that being a crime victim entitles you to having a combat vessel named after you.


Mark in Spokane said...

Good to see you still fighting the fight. If interested, would you like to exchange blog-roll links?



Estase said...

Hi Mark!
Would love to add you to my nonexistent blog roll if you could give me brief instructions on how this is done. Thanks,

Estase said...

Would love to be authorized to read Spokane Orations, Mark.