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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Septennial Act Redux

The Governor of North Carolina has suggested the extraordinary and bizarre step of skipping the 2012 Congressional election to allow the current Congress to continue its work.  While Estase is the last person who wants a return to Pelosism, this is so obviously unconstitutional I can't believe a Governor would even hazard such an opinion.   What it reminds me of is the Septennial Act that skipped the Parliamentary election due in 1716, and allowed the Parliament elected in 1713 to continue until 1720.  The reason for this move was overtly to prevent the anarchy of a change in power in the wake of the 1715 Jacobite uprising, and covertly just an attempt for the Whigs to keep their enemies out of power.  Most historians are dubious about whether skipping an election was legal for eighteenth century Britain, even considering the Stuarts were on the cusp of starting a civil war in England, one that conceivably could have either, according to your point of view, rescued her from Hanoverian domination, or imposed French-style absolutism.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Real Problems Unaddressed

Two topics present themselves today.  The first is the article referenced in This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here where a NYT writer referred to military retirement benefits as a "welfare program," as though military retirees were like Social Security recipients, or, worse, welfare recipients.  This is truly odd, almost like the liberals I've heard who act like people in the Army are no different from people in some make-work program like Americorps.  It is a characteristic of modern liberals to pretend that those who are police, firefighters, or military are somehow nothing more than those so stupid that the only way they will have anything is if liberals deign to pay them for putting up with all the crap involved in keeping the rest of us safe.   See also Michael Bloomberg's decision to keep first responders away from the 9/11 Commemoration.

The second is Mel Gibson, who apparently is involved in making a film about the Maccabean uprising.  ADL made a strongly worded statement about Mr. Gibson that reiterated the false claim that Passion of the Christ was anti-semetic.   I am not defending Mel Gibson, because he has since proven himself to be something quite unlike what you would expect from someone who makes a religious film.  I saw Passion of the Christ.  The villain was me.  The point of the film isn't who called for His execution (Saducees), or who killed him (the Romans), but how He died because of human evil, which lurks in every one of us.  No one ever said that the film inspired us to hate Italians, though some of the most sadistic cruelty was done by Roman soldiers.  But the saw is out!  Anti-semetic!  Anti-semetic!  The people in this world who hate Jews either live in places like Saudi Arabia, or are the denizens of certain faculty break rooms at major universities. 

What these stories have in common is the common thread of finding enemies where there are none, while the real problems go unaddressed.

Diligite iustitiam: Robert George: Remarks on Natural Law at Notre Dame

Diligite iustitiam: Robert George: Remarks on Natural Law at Notre Dame
George and Finnis brought Natural Law back into repute.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friendly Fire

Coming right off of the John Corapi scandal, now Fr. Frank Pavone is under financial scrutiny.   He apparently has been forbidden to administer the sacraments outside his own diocese.

The Tucker Carlson circus "The Daily Caller" stoops to a new low--attacking Sarah Palin by sharing a crude sexual remark made by boxer and numbskull Mike Tyson.  Hat tip Riehl World Politics.  Now, is it just me, or is a political blog a strange place for any type of sex joke?  And why is it the business of a conservative to demolish other conservatives?  Aren't there enough lefties to do the job?  If a conservative has a problem with another conservative, isn't there a more constructive mode of discussion than character assassination?  This comes after similar unfair slams by Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Facts, Schmacks!

Semper Vigilans tells us that PBS is covering up for Oh Blah Blah's history gaffe Thursday night, where he claimed Lincoln founded the Republican Party.  This is the kind of thing that would have been big news if it were Michele Bachmann who said this. PBS has become an instrument of public indoctrination, bereft of token conservatives like Ben Wattenburg and William F. Buckley.  Only the hard left would mourn the loss of PBS. 

The Black Biretta: 9/11 STAY SOBER AND ALERT

The Black Biretta: 9/11 STAY SOBER AND ALERT
This is the best 9/11 commentary I have found today.

Friday, September 09, 2011

A Modest Proposal

If you give me 400 billion dollars to screw away, the world will be sunshine and roses!  If we build new schools (while many of America's prisons are over 100 years old and obsolete), the Israelis will make peace with their neighbors!  If we employ construction workers to build new schools, the Chinese will forget about how much we owe them!  I know the first stimulus was an absolute failure but, hey, let's try it again!

The world will reach nirvana!  Dogs won't chase cats!  People will eat food from a gas station and not get diarrhea!  Don't you get it?  Everything will be perfect if we just pass the bill now!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

APSA Agrees--Smurfs Belong to Tea Party

Like their less intelligent equivalents, the sociologist, the American Political Science Association convenes to opine that the Tea Party is racist.  And as we all know from the previous blog, the cuddly Smurfs are the apex in racist authoritarianism.  Remember the Smurfs cartoon where the Smurfs let the Chipmunks have it with a fire hose?

Ya liberals wanna kill us?
Get at me dog!

Going Way Too Far!

Alabama State Representative Scott Beason proposes a law that would define giving Communion to an illegal alien a crime.  Yes, we all know the problem with the illegals is that they cross our southern border to go to Mass.  Can you say ignorant hayseed bigot?  Hat tip to

Friday, September 02, 2011

Dishonoring Heroism

It is the policy of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, first, that no clergy will be at the 9/11 commemoration (the first to die at WTC was Father Michal Judge, the fire department chaplain killed by falling debris), and second that no first responders will be allowed to attend.  This is a stunning insult to both people of faith and the first responders who risked their lives to bring order to the chaos of the September 11 attacks.

There must be some reason why Mayor Bloomberg has turned this event into a recounting of death instead of a reaffirmation of who Americans are.  Or perhaps Bloomberg doesn't think Americans are of any particular character.  They don't exemplify heroism or stand for anything other than their material existance.  They are just cattle, who need people like him to provide them with such essentials as guides to shooting up heroin.  Bloomberg is the kind of mayor that typifies the large American city.  Shiitown isn't any better now with Rahm "The Borg" Emmanuel leading that cesspool of violence and corruption to even greater failure.