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Friday, September 02, 2011

Dishonoring Heroism

It is the policy of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, first, that no clergy will be at the 9/11 commemoration (the first to die at WTC was Father Michal Judge, the fire department chaplain killed by falling debris), and second that no first responders will be allowed to attend.  This is a stunning insult to both people of faith and the first responders who risked their lives to bring order to the chaos of the September 11 attacks.

There must be some reason why Mayor Bloomberg has turned this event into a recounting of death instead of a reaffirmation of who Americans are.  Or perhaps Bloomberg doesn't think Americans are of any particular character.  They don't exemplify heroism or stand for anything other than their material existance.  They are just cattle, who need people like him to provide them with such essentials as guides to shooting up heroin.  Bloomberg is the kind of mayor that typifies the large American city.  Shiitown isn't any better now with Rahm "The Borg" Emmanuel leading that cesspool of violence and corruption to even greater failure.

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