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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Occupy Your Church

Tip of the petasus to LifeSiteNews.  Occupy Providence attacks a pro-life rally in the Rhode Island capital, throwing condoms onto Catholic school girls, shouting down speakers, and refusing to let a priest close the event with a prayer.  OWS is not just about rich people anymore.  Go to, those slimeballs have seen fit to devote a whole section of their website to these Stalinists.  They want abortion as much as redistribution of wealth.  I remember reading an article by a priest defending OWS as having legitimate grievances.  I hope the Catholic clergy wakes up on OWS.  It reminds me of a Industrial Workers of the World poster which showed a rich person with the caption "They Eat for You," and then showed a Catholic priest with the caption "They Fool You."  The Wobblies also had a song deriding religion called "Long Haired Preacher Man." 

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post says the GOP is brain dead, giving as evidence. . . .well, don't worry about why.  But the fact that Republican candidates are different in outlook than Teeth-Clicker means they're yahoos.  I wonder what he thinks of the people who elected Bachmann Congresswoman?  Or the people who elected Santorum Senator?  Bumpkins, dolts, morons all.  The really enlightened people are we Illinoisians, who not only elected Teeth-Clicker to the Congress and Senate, but have proven our mettle with a wide variety of distinguished statesmen.  Jim Thompson, the son of the fabulously corrupt Chicago Mayor Big Bill Thompson.  Paul Simon, who knew about as much about government as the singer of the same name.  George Ryan, he of the bribed DMV workers.  Dick Durbin, the Special Olympian of the Senate.  And last, but not least, Rod Blagogevich, the seller of Teeth-Clicker's Senate seat.  Yes, compared to Illinois, the people of Pennsylvania and Minnesota are indeed bumpkins, dolts and morons.  Thanks for pointing out their anti-intellectualism Mr. Cohen!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Did You Expect?

At Mass yesterday, a letter was read from Bishop Jenky of the Peoria Diocese strongly condemning the fact that no exemption from Obamacare's contraception mandate would be given the Catholic Church.  The bishop said that destroying Catholic institutions may well have been the intention of this action.  My reaction was something along the lines of "What did you expect?"  I watched with increasing nausea as various bishops welcomed Obamacare, often complaining it didn't go farther by including illegal aliens.  Cardinal Martino from the Vatican praised Obamacare.  And all the while lowly Estase with a blog nobody reads could see the writing on the wall.  Obamacare would necessarily fund contraception and abortion, and anybody who didn't anticipate this was willfully naive.  So for bishops to be entirely surprised by this development strikes me as nearly stupid.

As for the laity, I think the bishops had better give up.  One of the EMEs at my town's parish was a big Obama booster in 2008.  As Bishop Jenky's letter was read, the man in front of me shook his head, not in a "That's terrible!" way, but in a "Give it up!" way.  The days when people would die for the faith probably ended with Edmund Campion and Margaret Clitherow.  Now Catholics want to live the same jaded lives as everyone else.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Harpo Marx Doritos Commercial

The ad men who created the latest Doritos commercials are demented.  The ad shows a man pulling off another man's pants to suck off the cheese residue.  The camera then shows the subject's face in orgasmic glee as he exclaims "Doritos!"  The same man is then shown sucking the cheese residue off another man's fingers, a clear shorthand for oral sex used to great effect in the original "Hellraiser" by Clive Barker.  I haven't seen such an obvious sex joke since Quizno's showed a sub sandwich working up and down in a paper wrapper and an oven ordering "put it in me" with regards to a phallic sandwich.  Does anyone remember Harpo Marx sucking the black hose in "A Night at the Opera?"  Apparently, eating Doritos is like performing Clinton sex.

Of course, it is entirely possible to go to the other extreme, and find things offensive that really shouldn't offend anyone.  I recently saw a comment on the National Catholic Register website where some prude complained about the scene in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" where Simon pretended to eat his brother's bowel movement so Dave wouldn't realize he made it on the couch.  If anyone is on such a holiness and purity kick that that offends them, they need to be medicated.  In my German class in college, my grad assistant brought in a German children's book that makes the Alvin and the Chipmunks joke look restrained and tasteful in comparison.  It is one thing to find oral sex references too much, but a scat joke once in a while is all in good fun.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

St. Joseph's College and Abortion

Tip of the petasus to Cardinal Newman Society.  St. Joseph's College in Indiana chooses to celebrate MLK day by bringing in Professor Adia Harvey-Wingfield, a pro-abort who says the Republican Party is racist!  It is no secret most Catholic organizations hate Republicans, but can't they find a Republican hater who isn't also a pro-abort?  Unless St. Joseph's College is unsure of how they feel about abortion.