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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bullying the Church

Liberal Canadian education minister Laurel Broten announces that Catholic schools may not teach abortion is wrong without violating anti-bullying Bill 13.  Broten claims abortion is a settled issue, and claims that opposing abortion is a form of misogyny.  Estase thinks it should only be about ten years before it becomes illegal to oppose abortion in the United States.

Update:  Facebook suspends comedianne Victoria Jackson for posting a grisly abortion photo.  This brings Estase back to a point he has made before.  Why is it OK for ASPCA to use footage of abused animals to raise money, but the same television networks that make it possible for ASPCA to use photos of sick and mutilated animals would NEVER, NEVER allow a pro-life advertisment to use pictures of mutilated fetuses.  Why the double standard?  Also, Robert Spencer's engagement to speak at a Catholic college canned by local Bishop of Worcester McManus at behest of Boston Globe's Lisa Wangness.  Apparently, all one needs to do to get a Catholic bishop to cave is make a few phone calls accusing some one of Islamophobia.  When will the Saudis allow a Catholic Church to be built there? Or any other Muslim country, for that matter?

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Philadelphia Catholic Outsider said...

The next ten years should be very interesting. If things don't get better soon, I think you're right and they'll get bad fast.