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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Liberal Puritanism

     A Clinton appointee to the Federal bench, Rosemary Pooler, ruled that the NY state DMV had the right to reject a pro-life license plate, even as it allowed other political plates, on the grounds that a pro-life plate was "offensive."  Personally, I find 95% of what Bill and Hillary Clinton say to be offensive.
         But this introduces a larger problem, this being the Puritanism of the Left.  So-called Liberals have all sorts of speech that make them uncomfortable.  You mustn't say anything that makes certain groups unhappy.  Protected groups include
                                                                      drug addicts
                                                                      prostitutes  (Use "sex workers")
                                                                      violent criminals (e.g.  "Thug" now is equivalent to the                                                                                              n-word)
                                                                      midgets (little people? That's less offensive?)
                                                                      Environmentalists (Nota bene:  Ted Kazcynski was not one.)
                              If these statements seem arbitrary or silly, then you are a bigot, right?