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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Judas Party

Hat tip to Christina King:  Lady Gaga has a new "song" called "I'm in Love With Judas,"  where she declares her undying devotion to Christ's betrayer.

NOW, point of fact:  Senator Frank Lautenberg and Senator Tom Harkin have both used the promotion of offering to go to a Lady Gaga concert with anyone stupid enough to give them a huge campaign donation.

SO, is it reasonable to assume that Senators Lautenburg and Harkin like Judas Iscarius better than Jesus Christ?  After all, the President said we are no longer a Christian nation.  So Oh Blah Blah, Harkin, and Lautenberg all like Judas better than Jesus?  Are the Democrats the Judas Party?

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Jim said...

Ok now you did it......... You made me add your site to my favorites list.

Like what your doing keep it up.

Jim Dorchak