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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Trump Narrenschiff, Part Two

       Last week, a caller to The Savage Nation defended Oh Blah Blah and accused Michael Savage of practicing identity politics.  Imagine anyone at once defending Barack Obama, and at the same time accusing someone else of practicing identity politics.  The Obama administration is the final beneficiary of forty years of Afro-American Studies, Women's Studies, Chicano Studies, and Queer Studies.
       What's ironic, though, is that so is Citizen Kane.  Citizen Kane is the face of identity politics turned on its head.  Instead of rousing people to vote for someone to avenge their minority ethnic group, Donald Trump is the stereotypical closed-minded cracker.  Estase is of the opinion that it's all an act.  Citizen Kane is present to militate the Democratic faithful by creating an image that Republicans (despite the fact that Trump is a newcomer to that label) are on a mission to be the anti-Obama.  Trump is the "Fear and Stasis" candidate that Hillary can use to defeat the rest of the GOP candidates with, and then watch as he conveniently self-destructs by one last, inexcusable flub.
       Trump is an old friend of the Clintons.  He tried to hide a Twitter post where he bragged about voting for President Obama.  The fact that professional conservatives like Limbaugh and Levin think this guy is wonderful says nothing other than that they are incompetent.  They should yield their microphones to someone who actually has a clue.  Estase cannot recall an instance more emblematic of mass delusion in his life.  Ross Perot looked like a policy wonk compared to this egomaniac with bad hair.  Pat Buchanan looked like a squishy moderate compared to the shockingly inflammatory language Citizen Kane employs.