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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sex and the Unmarried Man

We are always given sexual messages from the media giving the impression that people are no more than their bodies' sexual dimension. The wisdom of the Christian tradition is to minimize our sexuality. Clement of Alexandria said that a man should be able to sit down next to a woman without even thinking of the fact that she is a woman. Not so with the current media- - they want you to see the opposite sex a mile away. And they particularly want you to believe that people who live without sex are losers. Estase was in a video store today, and saw the prevalence of the "erotic thriller." What is an erotic thriller? Car chases and naked women. Estase's rule of thumb with videos: Avoid any movie whose box has functionally naked women. If a film is called "sexy" it must have a valid story or something constituting cultural value. Estase has a particular aversion for anything involving teenagers looking for sex. Not only is the typical slasher film voyeuristic, it's perverted for grown men to ogle girls in cheerleader outfits. Sorry Charlie Sheen. Clement's words of wisdom go a long way in keeping sex in perspective.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Christians Insulted by Jews

In the hubub over drunken Mel Gibson saying that Jews were out to get him, and that they start wars, we see uncharitable words used against Christians. Charles Krauthammer declared The Passion of the Christ as anti-semetic. In addition, a recent Jewish blog referred to The Passion as sadistic homosexual pornography. Clearly, Jewish people have been out to get Gibson. One can see that the Israeli state has with very little provocation invaded Lebanon. The reader can judge for his or her own self whether Jews start wars.
What Estase feels is that loudmouths on either side need to shut up and worry about the real anti-semites- - Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and anyone else who wishes to force Islamic law on the whole world. Those who want the freedom of Israel defended by American arms had better not call American Christians consumers of homosexual porn. We're here and we vote.