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Friday, June 11, 2010

Connected Beneath the Surface

Why is it that when one leftist cause is threatened, all rush out to act? Why is it that the gay rights people come out to defend abortion? Why does ACLU care about immigration. I've never heard the NRA say anything about tax policy. I've never heard the Chamber of Commerce discuss religion in public life. Conservative groups do not seem to be connected the way liberal groups are.

I came upon a preposterous blog by people seeking amnesty for illegals from Ireland. It was called "The Thirty-Third County." Well, I have news for Paddy. America is NOT an extension of Ireland, any more than it is an extension of any other country. If you do not respect America's immigration laws, stay in Ireland. Or go live in France, which is the kind of quasi-socialist paradise most Irish seek. If you do not believe me on that, listen to RTE radio, the Irish version of BBC. I've never heard so much leftist nonsense as I heard on Irish radio. It makes NPR sound pretty moderate, actually.

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