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Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Playboy Shouldn't Give You An Erection

Everybody always knew Playboy was left-wing. From pot legalization to homosexuality to abortion, everyone has always known to expect idiocy from Hugh Hefner. Recent attempts to mainstream the Playboy image, including cable TV, fail to conceal the countercultural atmosphere of this porno magazine. Well now Playboy has sunk to a new low, as one of their scumball writers has written a piece entitled (and I wish I was making this up) "Ten Republican Women I'd Like to Rape." Besides sounding kind of like a Nine Inch Nails song, this is based on perhaps the sickest thing I've ever heard any man admit to--the idea that he would like to rape any woman. This is not funny, not even in a porno magazine is it acceptable to joke about rape. What I want to know is when the radical left will condemn Playboy for this outrage.

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