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Friday, December 02, 2016

The Orange Blatherskite

       Citizen Kane has been elected President.  Estase has been calling the last president Oh Blah Blah for nine years.  So it behooves him to come up with a fitting moniker for Citizen Kane.  Estase formally dubs the president-elect The Orange Blatherskite.  Or O.B. for short.  Since Citizen Kane has such a fascination with all things gynecological, Estase can think of no more fitting title for him than O.B.  It also packs in a reference to all the lack of coherence that make him such a baffling pick for high office.  If liberals thought George W. Bush was hilarious, O.B. will make their sides split with laughter.  And they can relish the fact that the religious right (Requiscat in Pace) helped make a porn star First Lady!