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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Judas Party

Hat tip to Christina King:  Lady Gaga has a new "song" called "I'm in Love With Judas,"  where she declares her undying devotion to Christ's betrayer.

NOW, point of fact:  Senator Frank Lautenberg and Senator Tom Harkin have both used the promotion of offering to go to a Lady Gaga concert with anyone stupid enough to give them a huge campaign donation.

SO, is it reasonable to assume that Senators Lautenburg and Harkin like Judas Iscarius better than Jesus Christ?  After all, the President said we are no longer a Christian nation.  So Oh Blah Blah, Harkin, and Lautenberg all like Judas better than Jesus?  Are the Democrats the Judas Party?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Burke: Where to Look?

If anyone out there is looking for a good biography of Edmund Burke, MP, I would heartily discourage anyone from reading Isaac Kramnick's The Rage of Edmund Burke, which makes a thoroughly bizarre attempt to psychoanalyze the Irish Whig through Freudian exegesis of his writings, and concludes he was a homosexual who didn't really believe his own principles.  Much better is Conor Cruise O'Brian's The Great Melody, which makes no such attempts at psychoanalysis, choosing instead to focus on his Irish heritage as an explanation for the great statesman's reactions to human exploitation.

It occurs to me that homosexuality is like racism--something one really might accuse anyone of, and which it is impossible to disprove in inclination in either case with any certainty.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Consistency, Please?

If it is sauce for the goose, is it not sauce for the gander?

When politicians of one party make a gaffe, it ends up being a punch line for eight years, and when politicians of the other make one, it doesn't even get reported on.  When politicians of one party start a war, it's Vietnam all over again, and when politicians of the other party start one, it is "humanitarian."

If the Catholic Church was able to throw away 300 years of tradition in four years by discarding the Tridentine Mass, then why is it the end of the world when the Novus Ordo gets a tune-up?  If the teachings of the Church never change, then why can't B XVI at least agree with Veritatis Splendor?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Opportunists Emerge

Why would anyone take Donald Trump seriously as a political candidate?  I'm just curious, why would anyone take this fraud seriously?  If anyone thinks Palin lacks gravitas, this guy wouldn't even know what the term means. 

I suppose that some Americans didn't learn the lesson of Ross Perot.  Just having money and a big mouth doesn't make you a politician/statesman. (Estase learned a long time ago that there is no difference.  People call you a statesman when they like you, and a politician when they don't.)

Just War Baloney From USCCB

When Barack Obama was starting out in Chicago, one of his first admirers was Joseph Cardinal Bernadin, the effeminate creator of the "seamless garment" theory, that said that the pro-life issue could be shelved in favor of social welfare, anti-war, and other liberal causes.

So it should come as no surprise that, unlike the Iraq war, which was condemned by the Vatican and American bishops as a violation of Just War theory, when Barack Obama chose to engage in military action against Libya, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops declared it to meet Just War criteria.

The Iraq War came after the genocidal regime of Saddam Hussein spent twelve years trying to shoot down the American and British planes enforcing the no-fly zone over Iraq, a clear violation of the cease-fire ending the 1991 Gulf War.  No matter;  American bishops declared that because Iraq had not invaded any other country, it was not a just war.

Fast forward to 2011.  The mere suggestion that Muammar Quadafi might kill civilians in his own country means that military action is justified.  But what about the bishop's position that military action is only permissible when a country has invaded or attacked another country?  Apparently, that no longer applies.  Or could it be that military action is immoral when a Republican does it, but when the bishop's own Barack Obama does it, it is moral?  The murder of the Kurds apparently didn't make war to unseat Hussein moral, but the possibility that Quadafi might kill civilians makes this war moral?