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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gorsuch Fail

       Few things challenge one's faith in humanity like a Supreme Court nomination process.  The Court of King's Bench, as Estase calls it, has become a timid rubber-stamp to the big government overreaches of the last 100 years.  Its members are political operatives more than legal scholars.  I had almost forgotten why I despise my state's senior Senator, Disturbin' Dick Durbin.  His attempt at Borking Neil Gorsuch was a reminder of what a sleazy, dishonest piece of human garbage he is.  First, Durbin accused Gorsuch of having John Finnis write his dissertation for him.  Then he took a quote from Finnis about the British demographic shifts of the last thirty years, which was very much like what Pope Benedict XVI said about European demographics in general.  Of course, piece of shit Durbin implied that Finnis (and by extension, Gorsuch) were racists.  Showing that Gorsuch is more like Justice Roberts than Edward Coke, Gorsuch hung his mentor out to dry, disavowing what Finnis said.  So Gorsuch basically agreed with Durbin that the unexceptional quote by Finnis was racist.  Both Durbin and Gorsuch failed a test;  Durbin by being himself, and Gorsuch by being such a milquetoast as not to challenge Durbin calling his mentor a racist.
         Neil Gorsuch is smart, likeable and polished.  Smart, likeable and polished is not what the high court needs.  Brave, principled and adversarial is what the high court needs.  Someone who won't defend his mentor will not fight for the Constitution either.  Nor will he resist Orange Blatherskite if he tries to overstep his actual authority.