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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Looking for the Himmler

The one person in the entire Third Reich who was a more loathsome, vile monster than Hitler himself was Heinrich Himmler, the onetime chicken farmer who headed up the S.S., an organization of war criminals, none of whom should have been suffered to draw breath at the end of the war.  So one asks, if Obama were Hitler, who would be his Heinrich Himmler, the person who outdoes the chief himself in pure villainy?  I have some candidates.

1)George Soros   A billionaire who funds repulsive left-wing causes, Soros already has engaged in many deeds worthy of Bond villain Ernst Blofeld, including making himself wealthy at the expense of the British people by currency speculation.

2)Kathleen Sebelius  It is not terribly surprising when the denizen of a Marxist black church violates the conscience rights of Catholics and other Christians, but it is truly bizarre when a supposed Catholic is the architect of that policy.  Sebelius, before bringing her dubious services to the Federal government, acted as the promoter of abortion as Governor of Kansas.  Perhaps more like Judas Iscariot than Heinrich Himmler, Kathleen Sebelius is one of a number of Democrats who turned on their own.

3)Harry Reid  As Senate Majority Leader, this soft-spoken Nevada Mormon has been waging a vicious and highly partisan campaign to back Obama spending in the Senate.  Not above using false accusations of racism against Republicans, even other Democrats like Kent Conrad who wish to pass a budget cannot get any traction with Reid, who was also one of the advocates of turning tail and running with regards to the Iraq War.

I am sure that many are fuming at the comparison of Obama with Hitler.  If so, then tough, because a long line of liberals starting with Linda Ronstadt and progressing through Michael Moore pioneered the art of comparing Bush 43 with Hitler.  Obama, unlike Bush 43, has chosen to make freedom of conscience a thing of the past, so in that respect anyway, Obama is a tyrant.

With a tip of the petasus to Creative Minority Report, NPR's Louise Schiavone compares the Catholic League, Catholicism's version of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, to the KKK.  This only a couple of months after "Wait, Wait. . . Don't Tell Me" refers to Papa Ratzinger as a gay rights icon.

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Tua scripta amo magnopere, Estase! Bonu opus! Deus te benedicat!

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