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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Did You Expect?

At Mass yesterday, a letter was read from Bishop Jenky of the Peoria Diocese strongly condemning the fact that no exemption from Obamacare's contraception mandate would be given the Catholic Church.  The bishop said that destroying Catholic institutions may well have been the intention of this action.  My reaction was something along the lines of "What did you expect?"  I watched with increasing nausea as various bishops welcomed Obamacare, often complaining it didn't go farther by including illegal aliens.  Cardinal Martino from the Vatican praised Obamacare.  And all the while lowly Estase with a blog nobody reads could see the writing on the wall.  Obamacare would necessarily fund contraception and abortion, and anybody who didn't anticipate this was willfully naive.  So for bishops to be entirely surprised by this development strikes me as nearly stupid.

As for the laity, I think the bishops had better give up.  One of the EMEs at my town's parish was a big Obama booster in 2008.  As Bishop Jenky's letter was read, the man in front of me shook his head, not in a "That's terrible!" way, but in a "Give it up!" way.  The days when people would die for the faith probably ended with Edmund Campion and Margaret Clitherow.  Now Catholics want to live the same jaded lives as everyone else.

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