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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reliapundit Goes Anti-Catholic

The Astute Bloggers must be the most mis-named pile of garbage on the internet.  The mental state of Reliapundit can be accessed from the fact that he writes everything in capital letters.  I left a comment with him (which I assume they won't allow) complaining about their latest stunt, a graphic which mockingly depicts Rick Santorum as a Catholic Saint, the kind of cheap character assasination usually reserved for Daily Kos.  Reliapundit is deep in the hole for Romney, a pro-choice liberal whose ego seems to be such that he's had the delusion for ten years that he should be the Republican candidate for President.  The current controversy about the Contraception Mandate in Obamacare is a perfect example of why Romney is unsuited for the presidency--Romneycare forced Catholic hospitals to provide abortifacients.  So for Romney to condemn Obama for doing the same thing he himself did is the height of hypocrisy.  Is Santorum perfect?  Did he support earmarks?  Like Romney, he did.  But for a Romney booster to attack Santorum as too far to the left is risable.  Romney is a liberal in conservative's clothes, and no one but Ann Coulter and the rest of the establishment morons thinks anything different.

Joey Fishkin at Balkinization claims that the latest compromise on said Contraception Mandate is that insurance companies will mythically give free contraception to policy holders, and that no Church money will pay for contraception.  That is logically impossible.  If the Church pays for the policy, it necessarily pays for any service offered by that company.  Unless of course pharmaceutical companies intend to produce their product free of cost?  That seems impossible too.  So this "compromise" is nothing but the kind of logical make-believe casuistry that used to give Jesuits a bad name, before they started doing the things that currently give them a bad name.

Sandy Levinson at the same Balkinization questions Santorum's position on onanism, an odd question meant to equivocate between the types of onanism (right hand and contraception).  Of course, the right hand type of onanism costs nothing, and hence Catholic organizations could never be expected to pay for it.  Maybe Ms. Levinson wishes for Oh Blah Blah to now make the Church buy strokers and magazines for their employees?  It seems just the sort of all/nothing red herring that pro-aborts, and secondary liberals in general are so fond of.

Update:  On his site, Reliapundit calls me "an asshole" and "a fucking moron."  This is the mentality of Romney supporters.  The fact that Politico is reportedly the source does not change the fact that The Astute Bloggers used this piece of anti-Catholic mockery.

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