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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bite Me, Liberal Catholics

I unsubscribed to a blog called The Western Confucian, because its purveyor thought something called The Catholic Fascist was a funny parody of conservative Catholics. The characters all had names bespeaking gun-toting and racism. The kind of Catholicism these characters preferred was, of course, pre-Vatican II Latin Mass. It isn't funny. Not even close. We conservatives are getting really tired of hymns like "Gather Us In" and "The Servant Song." We are sick of gimmick Masses, like Masses said on a hay bale instead of an altar. We are sick of being called intolerant for opposing leftist Bishops. And lastly, we are sick of snarky pseudo-Catholic trash calling us fascists. Yeah, I said trash. I am not a fascist, and if this is the Catholic Left's idea of humor I think there are going to be many more Greek Orthodox in fifty years.

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