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Monday, April 28, 2014

Genderflecting to Hillary

       I introduced a piece of terminology last year that now applies to Hillary Clinton.  I said that people genderflected to Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she happens to be a grandmother.  Now, the guy who married into the Clinton family (not because he was a social climber, but because he fell in love with a woman who looks like Bill Clinton) seems to have impregnated Chelsea.  Now, all of the people who use the maternity of a daughter as proof of their own matronliness encourage us to genderflect to Hellery Clinton.  Never mind the fact that Hellery was co-President to the man who, prior to Oh Blah Blah, was the most pro-abortion president in American history.  Never mind that she got Ambassador Chris Stephens killed by gun-running to Syria.  We are all to admire Hellery Clinton as an exemplary human being despite all this.  Sure, she was not the kind of woman to "stay home and bake cookies," and she wasn't the type of woman who would "stand by her man" a la Tammy Wynette.  All must genderflect to the angry harridan from Rose Law Firm.

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