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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Crap Is King

       Dude, it was two years ago!
        Like, it was so about "The Innocence of the Muslims!"
        I mean, people are so over Benghazi!
        Like, what are you totally partisan?
        Obama is an amazing leader!!

       Not only is our intelligence being completely insulted, but our language is being dragged into the gutter by half-literates.  No wonder Common Core is so important to the left.  Students need to have all taste for good writing destroyed, so that Bertholt Brecht is preferred over Shakespeare or Goethe. 

Update: The week of May 12th, Harvard University is scheduled to hold a Satanic Black Mass. This is what "the best and brightest" of the Ivy League are up to.  Anyone need any more evidence that colleges are becoming repositories of insanity?

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