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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In

The Fifth Column: Howell is Back In
See also, in contrast, the case of June Sheldon, a biology teacher in San Jose, California, who was fired for stating that there was no scientific consensus on the genetic nature of homosexual inclinations.

On a different topic, Campaign for Human Development funded the Marxist Chicago Worker's Collaborative,and the pro-abortion San Francisco Organizing Project. CHD funded six organizations associated with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California, a pro-abortion group that also promotes illegal immigrants. CHD funded thirty-one groups associated with the radical Center for Community Change which promotes legal abortion. A former head of CHD named John Carr has also served as an official with Center for Community Change. Lastly, CHD funded the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, a group of enviro-hippies who condone abortion. Campaign for Human Development is at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and deserves no Catholic support.

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