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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bishop Kicanas, Where Does This Come From?

Our good friends at CACG, the George Soros front group are now trotting out Bishop Kicanas to tell us that amnesty is a matter of "compassion," and that we have to accept unlimited numbers of immigrants out of "justice." What is the Bishop's solution to the problem of illegals? Why, foreign aid, of course! Yes, when we are dying economically, we are now supposed to start pumping money into Mexico. Bishop Kicanas does not get it. If we cannot afford to take care of Mexicans in Los Angeles, then why are we supposed to take care of them in Tijuana? And what are we supposed to do when our economy collapses as a result of these spending sprees that the Catholic hierarchy wants us to engage in? Does it suit the Catholic Church to destroy America by engaging us in a Cloward-Piven nightmare? Maybe my church does not care about America's continued existence.

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