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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fighting Unitary Government

Today it was announced that socialized carmaker GM is buying another car loan lender to enlarge its GMAC branch. So now our government is funding the expansion of a failed corporation.

What liberals and conservatives are fighting about is no longer whether or not we should have a strong federal government, but whether or not we should have a unitary government. A federal government is supposed to make foreign policy, run the courts, and leave most other government to the states. A unitary government runs everything, making uniform laws in every part of its territory. America still has states, but lately all they have been is surrogates bossed around by the federal government. It is disingenuous to invoke federalism regarding Arizona's immigration law. We are not talking nullification of federal law, we are talking enforcement of existing federal law. Most of the pundits who throw around the word federalism know not of what they speak. As long as the federal government continues to dictate what policies each state must live up to on issues of internal interest, federalism is dead. The health care bill has nothing to do with interstate commerce as understood by the framers. This does not stop it from being dealt with at the federal level. The federal government was supposed to provide a currency and prevent fraud crossing state lines, but the present reading of the commerce clause makes nearly everything the purview of the federal government.

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