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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reliapundit Is Full of Sh**

Astute Bloggers' Instapundit blames European irreligion on celebate Catholic Priests. Baloney! England is a very irreligious country and it has had married clergy for 500 years. If Instapundit were right, England should be the holiest country on Earth. It isn't.

Was reading Jacques Maritain's Moral Philosophy, where it talks about the Hegelian concept that the collective is the source of freedom, meaning, and values. It reminded me a lot of the character we have in the White House right now. Maritain writes,

"As a crowning piece of political hypocrisy, this mythology guaranteed by the dialectic gives complete security to the sovereign power of the State, which, far from exercising restraint upon me, is my freedom, and consequently has a right not only to my obedience, but also to my enthusiasm and to a warm glow in my heart."

This pretty much sums up the Oh Blah Blah philosophy of life. And add this little gem about Hegelian political morality.

"History is the judgment of God. The history of the world is the tribunal which judges the world, Weltgeschichte ist Weltgericht. To cooperate in the victory of the community, which in virtue of its historical success will be absolved at this tribunal, that is the only requirement that the higher ethics makes of the individual, the ethics which has to do with the destiny of peoples. It was when the one-party systems, the organized prophetic Minorities of the totalitarian type appeared, that this implication of the Hegelian Sittlichkeit became fully manifest, an implication more secret but even more deeply rooted than that which has to do with the State. At the same time it became clear that this same Sittlichkeit had opened the doors of the modern world to what can best be called absolute Machiavellianism."

Good Morning! The old God is dead, please face your Post Office and bow for morning prayers!

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