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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ignorance Follies

Ever hear someone talking about something totally unimportant, and just decide you did not care? Republican Mike Bennett of Florida decided to zone out during a debate on something totally unimportant to most country club Republicans, abortion, and decided to look at porn instead. Abortion? Naah, naked women are much more important.

And facts, I mean, who needs them? Bill Maher, repository of wisdom that he is, declared that Brazil doesn't use oil. No, they're only the eighth biggest user of oil on Earth! But what's the facts when you are as hilarious as Bill Maher. The same guy who accused Christians of masturbating with the Bible.

Being ignorant is not just fun, it is the American way! Anytime you want to ignore reality and just be a dumb ass, think about Mike Bennett and Bill Maher!

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