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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NIH Study:Rob Halford Member of TEA Party

I have wondered who kidnapped Edmund Burke, and who decided Rob Halford was a member of the TEA Party.  Edmund Burke, according to the Investigation Discovery show "Evil Twins," is a name associated with white supremacist groups.  The eighteenth century Whig was also labeled as a homosexual by the ridiculously Freudian Isaac Kramnick book "The Rage of Edmund Burke," whose smoking guns on the homosexuality claim were quotes such as the one from the impeachment of Warren Hastings about "pure defecated evil."  Speaking of weird Freudian theories, and with a petasus tip to Protein Wisdom, a National Institutes of Health study (yes, even though we're broke, we can still fund junk science) by W.W. Tilden entitled "The Psychohistorical Roots of the American 'Tea Party' Movement" makes the ridiculous claim that Tea Partiers like it in the ass.  To quote:

       Extreme resistance to governmental taxation and authority is derived, according to Freud's theory of anal characterology, from premature and harshly coercive toilet training, in which a child is forced unfairly and against its will to surrender the product of his eliminations (which represent money, among other things, in the unconscious) to parental authority.  Among these individuals anal eroticism plays a significant role in the psychogenesis of paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, which may represent a defense mechanism erected against repressed fears of passive submission.

Isaac Kramnick couldn't have said it better!  And what decade did Kramnick write his piece of weirdness in?  The 70s!  The same decade that gave us "Deliverance," "Midnight Cowboy," and "Dog Day Afternoon."  No, people in the seventies weren't obsessed with homosexuality or anything.

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