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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How We Roll

       The verdict of Salon's Alex Pareene (you know, the same Alex Pareene that called Robert Stacy McCain a "Neo-confederate?) is in on the Socially Liberal Republican Victory Project (AKA the Conservative Victory Project) of Karl Rove.  Alex lauds it, saying so by way of remarking that his social conservative opponents are just in it for the money.  Because Pareene's pet theory is that no one really is a conservative, they just pretend to be to get contributions and sell books.  Which is best illustrated by comparison with President Obama, who never did anything tawdry like suggest people contribute to his reelection campaign in lieu of giving loved ones gifts, and Rachel Maddow, who apparently does her MSNBC show for free just for the joy of evangelizing.

     Pareene is wrong.  Conservatives don't do it for the money.  They do it for the sex.  I can't tell you how many women Estase has gotten in the sack by telling that he was a pro-life Republican.

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