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Monday, February 04, 2013

Primrose League v. Steve King

Karl Rove's American Crossroads is starting something it calls the Conservative Victory Project.  Petasus tip to RightScoop.  The Conservative Victory Project, or as Estase would call it, the Socially Liberal Republican Victory Project, has picked as their first target Iowa Congressman Steve King, who committed the unforgivable sin of crossing Rove by supporting Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. 

Karl Rove is the physical embodiment of what Estase calls the Primrose League, the amoral wing of the Republican Party.  Primrose Leaguers want candidates who run only on economics.  The Primrose League bristles at the suggestion of running on social issues, especially abortion.  As dumb as Todd Akin's theories about conception and rape were, those were not really what the Primrose League objected to, but Akin's conviction that abortion is wrong.  Not impolite, not unpopular, but wrong.  As a matter of fact, Primrose Leaguers don't like the idea of right and wrong in general.  They are often Hegelians, in the sense that winning is more important than morality.  Hegelians at the end of the day are often Machiavellians as well.  And here you have Karl Rove, the Bush Machiavelli.  He sees himself as the sachem, dictating to the bumpkins on how they need to run for office.  It's Karl's party, not yours!  Rove has ruled Steve King can't win, so who are you mere mortals to question him?

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