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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Sacred Cows

       I just read S.E. Cupp's explanation of why she thinks it is sometimes appropriate to call out Rush Limbaugh.  I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Cupp that Rush Limbaugh is occasionally an obstacle, someone whose Texas-sized ego and big mouth add up to big trouble at the polling place.  Limbaugh used to be a genuinely hilarious entertainer in the Clinton years, when a three hour dose of Limbaugh was all that got many conservatives through the day.  Since then, something has changed.  Instead of crazy song parodies and political satire, Limbaugh for about the last thirteen years has taken on the mantle of a serious commentator, something he is tempermentally and educationally unprepared to do.  I think this trend started when National Review did a cover in the 90s that depicted Limbaugh as a founding father, the kind of stroke Cape Girardeau, Missouri's favorite son's ego hardly needed. 
       Another sacred cow that needs to be ritually butchered is Ann Coulter.  While undoubtedly smarter than Mr. Limbaugh, Coulter has an abrasive, hyperbolic style that creates more enemies than friends.  Coulter totally prostituted herself in a vain attempt to get Mitt Romney elected, and those whose candidates she lied about during the primary season will not soon forget her doing so.  Coulter has also contributed to the image of Republicans as a party for WASPs, people who spend their off time at the local country club. 
       If more commentators followed the example of George Will and Charles Krauthammer, perhaps the Republican party could start shedding its image as being hyperbolic, sarcastic, abrasive, and angry.  Occasionally questioning the excesses of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh would be a start.

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