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Monday, February 04, 2013

The Conservative Case for Black History Month

I just saw a conservative quidnunc argue against the whole idea of Black History Month as being anti-American.  While such tendencies are always to be guarded against, the fact of the matter is that the Republican Party was the party of black people until FDR stole them away.  Witness Governor Charles Deneen, who was one of the few people who stood up for black people in the mess that was the 1908 Springfield Race War.  One may read "Something So Horrible" by Carole Merritt at  The fact of the matter is that white Americans do have a history to answer to, and as one who holds up the mantle of Charles Sumner, Estase is hardly going to pretend that black people have not been abused.  Conservatives should celebrate Black History Month, proud that it has often been Republicans who stood up for blacks.

Update:  Estase recommends for blacks who recognize the sanctity of human life.

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