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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crazy About Chicago

        Leftists assume all actions have a locus of responsibility lying outside the self.  If you achieve greatly, it is because society helped you.  If you become a criminal, it is because society wronged you.  Nobody is responsible for their own actions.  But isn't a mental hospital where we put those who are not responsible for their own actions?
       Vide the case of Democratic Chicago Judge Cynthia Brim.  Since her original 1994 election, Judge Brim was the subject of five psychiatric hospitalizations.  The bar association described her as "not qualified" when her retention was on the ballot in 2000, 2006, and 2012.  Despite this, the Democratic Party still backed her reelection.  When Judge Brim was put on trial for shoving a Deputy at the Daley Center, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.  Now subject to review by the Judicial Inquiry Board, the liberal belief that people are not responsible for their actions finds one true example in Judge Cynthia Brim. 
       Last March, Brim went on a tirade while presiding over traffic court and was asked to leave the courthouse.  The next day she attempted to complain to the Judicial Inquiry Board about another judge who took too much sick leave.  After throwing her keys to the courthouse on the floor of the office as a protest, the Deputy tried to ascertain who Brim was and how she got the courthouse keys when Brim shoved him.  Enter Judge Pamela Hill-Veal, Brim's cousin.  The second judge came to the jail to secure the release of the first.  Hill-Veal claimed that Brim had no history of mental illness.  Do you have to be crazy to be a judge in Chicago?  Apparently it doesn't hurt.

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