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Friday, August 19, 2011

Perry, Whether You Like It Or Not!

It seems to be the trend right now to impose a false dichotomy on Republican voters.  Liberal Romney or Rick Perry.  Neither, please?  It seems rather unbelievable, but the almighty Fox network seems to have put a hit out on Michele Bachmann.  Last night, their ticker told us that the Congresswoman mistakenly referred to Russia as the Soviet Union.  That's your idea of a big mistake, when the present POTUS doesn't know how many states there are, nor does he know how to pronounce "corpsman?"  Also, what about Herman Cain?  Surely he is more responsible in his economic claims than Gov. Perry, who said that Bernacke was a traitor?  Mr. Cain has actually run a successful business, which trumps any other Republican.  Rick Perry does not have pro-life chops like Rick Santorum, either.  Make Perry the nominee and that will be the wet dream of every liberal activist, because they already like to pretend that Republicans are all southerners with a race issue anyway.

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