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Monday, August 15, 2011

Return of the Mohocks

Last night PM Cameron said that the riots caused by angry British leftists will cause the insurance industry to pay out around 200 million pounds in claims.  It is much like the Tory Mohocks of the eighteenth century, whom Defoe suggested dealing with through the "Protestant Flail".  Closer to our own time, it is also like the 1926 General Strike, which is a sometimes-forgotten class war, also started by the left.

The YouCat, created for young Catholics has some detractors:  see  On a similar note, Estase's decision to stop following Improperium Christi, the blog of slime artist Ron Conte has been solidified by a long tirade he published against New Theological Movement where he hypocritically claims Father Erlenbush insulted him, this after Conte tried to get him in trouble with his bishop, and routinely described him as a heretic.  I do not remember Father Erlenbush saying anything about Mr. Conte until after he started to out his true identity.  (He had, as I do, published under a pen name.  I have absolutely no objection to this.  In the real world, people have some right to their opinion without worrying about the professional implications of their opinions.  I think outing a blogger is pretty contemptible--about as bad as gay rights weirdos outing closeted homosexuals.)   Conte has some pretty heavy baggage to begin with, as he still regards as significant the Medjugorie apparitions that the local bishop declared heretical.  The final straw is his use of the term "extreme-right" to describe conservative Catholics.  Estase nominates Ron Conte as an honorary Mohock.

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