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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Father Farrell on Genesis

Estase remembered, in light of the creationist tendencies of Governor Perry, this passage from Vol. 1 of Father Farrell's Companion to the Summa:

The rejection of the fact of creation is a violation of the reason of man;  it is unreasonable in the sense of being mad.  The rejection, on scientific grounds, of the Scriptural account of the distinction and adornment of the world has a petty meanness about it for it is definitely unfair.  The purpose of Moses in writing the account given in Genesis was to instruct an unlettered people in the fundamental truths of the religious and moral order.  He wrote that they might know the obligation of adoration and gratitude to Jehovah, the author, governor, and conserver of all things;  that he might preserve his people from idolatry in recalling to them that every creature has its reason of existance in a superior cause, that every creature is destined to serve man, the crown and masterpiece of creation, and not to be served by man.

Thus, Genesis is true in a sense which is not necessarily the sense of physical science.  If Governor Perry wants to believe in creationism, that is his own business, but that may disqualify himself from being the Republican candidate.  One can be a believer without disbelieving scientific facts.  Liberals love to pretend they are more scientific, and a creationist like Perry would be grist for their mill.

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