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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paulian Creep at Imaginative Conservative

The Imaginative Conservative has given space to some creep I've never heard of before who is a Ron Paul dupe.  This Church guy was attacked for his idiocy by Mark Levin, and Church's rebuttal was marked by an attack on Justice Scalia and a reference to the Civil War as (I am not making this up) "the War of Northern Aggression."  I am debating whether or not to continue following a site that perpetuates the racism of an M.E. Bradford under the guise of conservatism.

M.E. Bradford reminds me of another bete noire of mine, Russell Kirk.  I remember when I was an undergraduate hearing people rave about Kirk.  I bought a first-edition of The Conservative Mind at a used book sale.  Most of it was unremarkable enough, other than the strange confusion of Kirk's classifying that idolizer of Henry St. John, Benjamin Disraeli, as though he were a typical conservative.  The thing that really creeped me out about Russell Kirk was the fact that he said at one point that Lincoln was wrong to have emancipated the slaves, that being a sudden change.  Wow, that's horrible, I thought!  Why would people think Russell Kirk was a great thinker, when he wrote something like that?  My university's conservative student organization had a later edition of the book on hand.  I looked for the passage in question, and found it had been expurgated from later editions.  And that is why I have never been a Kirk fan.

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