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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are the Smurfs Members of the Tea Party?

One of the truly typical things about modern life is trying to find political messages in places where they don't exist.  I read about a French (ahem) academic who believes that the Smurfs are fascists, based on the fact that they share everything and do what Papa Smurf tells them.  This reminds me a lot of the theory Jerry Falwell had about how the Teletubbies were pro-homosexual because Tinky Winky was purple and his antenna is an inverted triangle.

Today I read a similarly befuddling piece detailing a report by sociologists (ahem) that claimed that the Tea Party movement are small-minded, superstitious authoritarians.  My question now is, in light of our esteemed sociology friends, do the Smurfs belong to the Tea Party movement?

The thing that makes this so utterly ridiculous is that another theory is that the word "Smurfs," coined by a Frenchman, is an anagram for "Small men under red forces."  If the word Smurfs was an anagram for anything, wouldn't it be a phrase in French?

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